What I am currently reading:

I started “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and then started re-reading “I Heart New York” by Lindsey Kelk…. oops!

Other bookish things:

1) I went into work the other day and wondered why it smelled like freshly printed new books, and then discovered we had been given little booklets informing us about work-related issues. I love the smell of books!

2) I’m watching the Harry Potter films again! I am planning to buy some new DVDs soon though!

[mag-nil-uh-kwuh nt]
1. speaking or expressed in a lofty or grandiose style; pompous;bombastic; boastful.
Origin of magniloquent
1650-60; back formation from Latin magniloquentia elevated language,equivalent to magniloqu (us) speaking grandly ( magni- magni- + loqu (ī) tospeak + -us adj. suffix) + -entia -ence
Taken from Dictionary.com

I recently read a blog post called The 5 Most Unique Places I’ve Ever Read A Book over on 101 Books’ blog. It made me wonder where the best places I have ever read are.

In all fairness, if I’m somewhere special and fascinating, the odds are I won’t be reading, I’ll be taking photos and staring in wonder at my surroundings!

I recently went on holiday to Croatia and I sat reading by the swimming pool outside where we were staying, which just happened to be by a particularly beautiful bit of Croatian coast! It was pretty amazing…. until the annoying foreign kids started jumping in the pool and splashing chlorine water on my precious book! That’s a no-no!

No-where really unique comes to mind though. I’ve done the usual:

  • In bed
  • On a train
  • In the car (rarely as it made me carsick as a kid… totally worth it though!)
  • On a beach
  • In the garden
  • In a library

So, I’ve been really boring!

But to be honest, who needs an exciting place to read when the book should be exciting enough to make you forget where you are?!