What I am reading:

I’m currently reading…. “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. I bought this a few weeks ago because I was curious about it after hearing about the film adaptation. I’m only a few pages in at the moment, but it’s good so far.

Bookish Image of the Week:

World Boom Day in Space!

An astronaut celebrated World Book Day in Space by Tweeting a photo of her 5 tiny books floating around!

A Bookish Event:

It was World Book Day/Night on 23rd April! I totally forgot though because I was at work!

Other bookish things:

A blogger friend, mikeytbull, sent me a DVD of the film adaptation of Dodie Smith’s “I Capture the Castle” after I recommended he should read the book! It was a lovely surprise to receive it! Even though I’m always wary of film adaptations of books I like, I will give this one a go at some point!

I have just finished re-reading “The Witch’s Daughter” by Nina Bawden.

“The Witch’s Daughter” by Nina Bawden (via Goodreads)

I first read this book when I was a child after finding it in my local library, I have always had a thing for fantasy and so the title caught my eye, but it’s not actually a fantasy!

The blurb reads:

“Perdita lives a lonely life in the Western Islands of Scotland, until a naturalist arrives with his children. The story is a sympathetic study of the interplay of personalities, and also a tale of hidden treasure, crime and amateur detection.”

Perdita is described as being a witch’s daughter but she is actually a young, almost feral orphan girl who doesn’t mix with the other children on the island where she lives and who think she is strange. The story follows her as she discovers new friends in a boy and his blind sister who come to the island on holiday and who accept her as she is.

Besides being a story about friendship, it is a story with a mystery about the strange Mr Jones who visits the island at the same time as the siblings and a secret about treasure. The 3 children uncover the truth and Perdita’s life changes forever.

I loved this story as a child, and on re-reading it again now, I still love it. It’s just a lovely simple story about life on an island where everyone knows each other but there are still secrets. It’s interesting to see Perdita’s relationships with others: from the new friendship she forms with Janey and Tim, the pseudo-family relationship with Annie and Mr Smith, and the way the other island children treat her.

I give the book 7/10 because it’s just a good little story, and it’s about normal life but with the twist about treasure.

What I am reading:

I’m currently re-reading “The Witch’s Daughter” by Nina Bawden, a book which I discovered in the library and loved as a child.

Other bookish things:

This is the first year since I did my Ma in Publishing that I haven’t been to the London Book Fair and it feels really weird, especially when everyone was tweeting about it! I did have Tuesday off work, so I could have gone to London, but it was so knackering when I went for just the day last year!

Thoughts on my mind (not necessarily book-related):

It feels like summer is almost here as it’s got a bit warmer and sunnier lately! It’s just a shame my job involves being inside most of the day!