Book Review: The Green Mile

Posted: March 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’ve just finished reading “The Green Mile” by Stephen King. 4599610

I watched the film adaptation back when I was  at university, but only recently did I decide to give the novel a read as well. I only remember parts of the story from the film, so it was good to refresh my mind.

Obviously, this novel is definitely not the easiest of reads, what with the rather graphic descriptions of murder and execution, but the horror of Paul Edgecombe’s flashbacks of his past life is intersected with his gentler life in a retirement home.

The main light-hearted parts of the novel involve the little mouse Mr Jingles, who brings a sense of child-like innocence to an otherwise dark tale.

I was fascinated by the “miracles” John Coffey committed and wonder how he acquired such a gift. It’s so sad that he was wrongly accused of murder when all he had done was try to help the poor little girls.

This film brings about a fear to grow old and watch other people dying and be the only one left, just like Paul. The gift/curse of John Coffey kept Paul tethered to life, forced to live with sending an innocent man to his death. That’s what gets me in the end, even worse than the execution itself.

I don’t know if I would read this again, but it was a good read. I’d give it 7/10 because it was very well written with enough horror and mystery to keep you reading, but it took me a while to get into it.

I’ve finally finished reading “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” in German language – “Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen”.


I bought this book in July 2013 and it’s taken me nearly four years to read it! I’ve only been reading bits of it at a time, although I spent a bit more time reading it towards the end of 2016 in a bid to finish it!

Obviously, it’s still the same story, but in German, so I can’t really review it! However, it’s good to be able to use my German skills and read a full book in German, despite me knowing most of the book off by heart in English! That does help though as I can see the English version in my head as I read the German  sentences! I found it useful seeing how the German grammar structure works and it’s good to learn new German vocabulary!

I probably won’t read the test of the series in German, although I’m considering getting one of the books in French next!


Found via Grammarly on Facebook, I think this is very true for us bookish people!