Translated Fiction

This section is dedicated to translated fiction titles, as my Masters dissertation was on why there is such an appallingly tiny percentage of translated titles in the book industry! Translated fiction is just as good as native fiction, and sometimes is better because its set in a different culture and written from a different point of view. They can be refreshing to read, and there are many excellent titles out there waiting!

The obvious bestseller is The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson, but there are many other books which only a handful of people have heard or or even read yet, all just waiting for their big break!

I intend to keep my reading shelf as varied as possible and lately i’ve taken to making sure i add in some translated titles when i buy new books! You’ll notice that there’s a fair few Scandinavian titles here but that’s just the current translation market, and my parent’s influence because they read Scandinavian crime!

These are the translations which i have read so far (and my reviews of them):

Also, if you are interested in any of my translation related blog posts, just click on “Translation”


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