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Day 29: “A book everyone hated but you liked”

It’s kind of difficult, but I suppose I could pick the “Twilight” books because the literary world seems to think the books are awful, but they were still bestsellers. I was given the series by my friends for Christmas one year and I actually really enjoyed them! I have since read countless reviews by people who point out the flaws in the books, and if I let my critical inner English student review them, I too see the flaws in the books. I still like the books though! I don’t care if you judge me!

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30 Day Challenge – Books (via mylittlebookblog – click photo to visit blog)

Day 14: “Book turned movie and completely desecrated”

In all fairness, I’m never keen when they bring film adaptations of books out, especially books I love. I usually only see them if I’m really curious (Harry Potter) or I just don’t bother (The Hunger Games). I like the images I imagine inside my head, and films ruin that. There’s a few films I could mention, but most of them have grown on me!

Even though the books are fairly naff and not considered “proper literature”, I still quite liked the Twilight books! And I was reluctant to watch the films at first but my friend made me watch the first one and I wasn’t keen on it but now I’m afraid I own all the films on DVD. My biggest gripe is with “Breaking Dawn Part 2” because they added a bunch of scenes which didn’t happen in the book, where Bella and co end up having a really brutal fight with the “bad” vamps and loads of “good” vamps end up dying. I know the book ends fairly peacefully and I guess the film needed a big finish, but it kind of ruined the book! And the CGI baby is as creepy as Chuckie!

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About the Challenge:

30 Day Challenge – Books (via mylittlebookblog – click photo to visit blog)

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Eight sparkly vampires!

The Cullens from “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer

Seven deadly Horcruxes,

Six Lost Boys,

Five Famous Friends,

Four Little Women,

Three Weird Sisters,

Two Lovers’ Daemons,

And Mr Darcy in a wet shirt!