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I recently read a blog post called The 5 Most Unique Places I’ve Ever Read A Book over on 101 Books’ blog. It made me wonder where the best places I have ever read are.

In all fairness, if I’m somewhere special and fascinating, the odds are I won’t be reading, I’ll be taking photos and staring in wonder at my surroundings!

I recently went on holiday to Croatia and I sat reading by the swimming pool outside where we were staying, which just happened to be by a particularly beautiful bit of Croatian coast! It was pretty amazing…. until the annoying foreign kids started jumping in the pool and splashing chlorine water on my precious book! That’s a no-no!

No-where really unique comes to mind though. I’ve done the usual:

  • In bed
  • On a train
  • In the car (rarely as it made me carsick as a kid… totally worth it though!)
  • On a beach
  • In the garden
  • In a library

So, I’ve been really boring!

But to be honest, who needs an exciting place to read when the book should be exciting enough to make you forget where you are?!


As i have been on work experience, i decided to make the most of it and do some exploring!

The Sunday when i first arrived, i walked around Bayswater and through Hyde Park which was busy because it was a warm and sunny evening. I also went to Waterstones Piccadilly and Oxford Street, and also Hatchards bookshop, so i’ve done some bookish things too!

I’ve managed to fit in quite a lot of things since then, especially on Saturday when i did all the following:
– Walked along Oxford Street
– Visited the Marimekko shop
– Visited Hamleys
– Visited Liberty
– Visited Carnaby and Choccywoccydoodah
– Visited Tate Modern
– Crossed the Millennium Bridge
– Visited St Pauls cathedral
– Walked around Covent Garden and visited the Moomin Shop
– Walked to the British Museum
– Walked to Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square
– Visited the National Gallery

It was a really knackering day! I also spent Sunday afternoon at Tate Britain, which is by far the best Tate gallery i’ve been to, and walked west along the Thames and crossed over the river and came back through Chelsea.

I have also been walking through the city on an evening, going into clothes shops and just soaking up the atmosphere.

It’s a whole new way of life for me and it’s good but i can’t afford to stay here for a longer period of time!

I have just finished reading ” The Uke of Wallington: One Man and his Ukulele round Britain” by Mark Wallington.

The Uke of Wallington - Mark Wallington

The Uke of Wallington – Mark Wallington (via Amazon)

This is a step into a new genre for me as it is a Travel book, but i found it really interesting!

Mark Wallington has what his wife sees as a midlife crisis and what he sees as an opportunity to fulfill his dream of going on tour as a musician. His only problem? He has a lack of musical talent.

Several failed lessons later, he discovers his talent with a ukulele and decides to go off on a roadtrip of the UK, playing at open mic nights as he travels from place to place. He meets a variety of people, from foreign tourists to local residents, all of whom have different reactions to the ukulele. He finds acceptance in some places, but fails miserably in others but he carries on with his tour nonetheless.

I love how we get a glimpse of the character of each city, village or town as he travels, and his thoughts on each place. It is really interesting to see the characters of the people who join him at open mics and the other people he meets on buses and in the street. We also get hints of what is going on in the UK, from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he bravely takes a stab at performing, to the journey through Scotland where he encounters foreign tourists who disapprove of England because of the 2011 riots.

I give this book 7/10 because you get a sense of  community, identity, and passion for music all brought together by one man and his ukulele. It’s a fascinating read and made me want to travel to all these places as well!

Would just like to thank AAPublishing for the free copy of this book as i won their Twitter competition to get a copy!