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What I am reading:

“I Heart London” by Lindsey Kelk – I’m re=reading this series again, mainly because the next book has just been released and I want to get caught up again before I buy it!

What I have finished reading this week:

The first four books in the “I Heart” series.

Other Bookish Things:

I’ve got a huge list of books I want to buy, but I’ve just remembered that I still have a stack of five books on my bookshelf which are unread and I did promise myself that I would finish them before the end of this year! I suppose it’s only September, so as long as I don’t go too crazy buying books, I’ll be able to get them read!

Non-bookish Things:

One of my friends discovered that there’s a Harry Potter themed Christmas feast taking place in December in Rochdale and suggested that we should go. We then discovered it’s already booked up, so that was a short-lived plan. In all honesty, I didn’t really feel like going, even though I love Harry Potter. It’s taking place the weekend before Christmas so it’ll be a nightmare getting there and I’ll be knackered from working during the rush in the run up to Christmas. Also, we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in January and it still had the Christmas decorations up so I feel that was enough magic for one year! I think I might have hit peak-Harry Potter….


“Writin’ lines! What good’s that to anyone? Yeh’ll do summat useful or yeh’ll get out. If yeh think yer father’d rather you were expelled, then get back off ter the castle an’ pack. Go on!” – Hagrid laying down some truths about life at Hogwarts to Malfoy (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).

Several books later….

“Now, you are going to be doing some lines for me, Mr Potter. No, not with your quill,” she added, as Harry bent down to open his bag. “You’re going to be using a rather special one of mine. Here you are”. – Umbridge trying to punish Harry in her own special way (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix).


9 – Favourite Hogwarts House

I chose Gryffindor for obvious reasons – “…where dwell the brave at heart”!

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge (via “I didn’t put my name in that cup, I don’t want eternal glory.” on Facebook)