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I have been reading “The Book of Lost Souls” by Michelle Muto. It’s quite good, and easy to read if you want a fast read.

The Book of Lost Souls - Michelle Muto (via Amazon)

I wasn’t sure at first when it started describing how the protagonist, Ivy, is a witch and is friends with vampires and werewolves, felt a little bit Twilight-y there, and then we get the added bonus of demons, trolls and zombies, and so it’s a full house of supernatural creatures!

The plot is quite good, although it felt a little tame, but then it seems to be for a younger age group. It reminded me a little bit of the “Wicca” series by Cate Tiernan with the whole witch-trying-to-prove-she’s-not-evil-like-her-black-magic-abusing-father. The father is a very mysterious guy and although we don’t know all the details of what happened before he disappeared, despite him not being there his influence is felt as Ivy tries to fight her feelings for the son of her father’s friend and tries to convince everyone that she is nothing like her father.

Ivy has some problems to sort out after turning a lizard into a Halloween party date, especially when everyone thinks she’s abusing her powers. She is very aware of what others may or may not be thinking of her, and she tries so hard to fit in, or rather just be invisible. Her best friends keep her on the straight and narrow as much as they can, and they know her so well that they know Ivy better than she knows herself at times. Ivy seems to argue with herself, constantly questioning her motives and feelings, and i felt that i could relate to her character fairly well.

It’s a good story of friendships, love and loyalty, but the strange happenings which occur throughout the book test Ivy and her friends. The supernatural element is quite nice as it is more true to the original traits, with no vampires trying to be sparkly or ‘vegetarian’ (Twilight), although toned down as it’s for a young audience.

I enjoyed the story and it is quite gripping with the ressurrection of two very evil historical criminals which cause havoc in the town when Ivy and her friends live. It’s a typical supernatural story where teenager and friends fight evil and ignore advice of the grownups and make mistakes, like Buffy, like Harry Potter, bit like Twilight (although Bella is a human with no powers).

I’ll give it 7/10 as it is a good read, written well and the characters are believable. I recommend it to any teenagers and fans of the supernatual, although if you’re older than that like me, then maybe you won’t feel it is the best book for you. Nevertheless, it is a good read, and i want to know a bit more about the characters!

Note: I read this on my Kindle, as it was free for a limited time on Amazon! (BTW, I’m not a cheapskate, it’s just nice to have some free every now and then!)


Everyone has books they want to read. I am no different.

Lately i’ve been more intrigued by books which suddenly seem to be getting more airtime, or that i’m interested in.

Examples of such books:

1) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins- Everyone is going on about this series, and i hear there is to be a film as well, so i better get myself a copy of this series as soon as possible because it does sound pretty awesome!

2) The Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth – This seems to be big at the moment, and it’s about the English language too, which i did half my degree in and have always been interested in, so that should be a good read.

3) Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer – I’ve seen a few people talking about this on blogs and i’m curious about it. It sounds a little bit in the Twilight genre but nonetheless i want to see what’s like. (and not just because the author shares the same surname as me, as does Stephenie Meyer … we’re not related as  far as i know!)

4) The Book of Lost Souls (The Ivy MacTavish Novels) by Michelle Muto – Seen this appear on blogs and Twitter (and i actually follow the author on Twitter), so i downloaded it. Amazon had it on offer for free the other day so i downloaded it, but i haven’t started it yet as i’m trying to finish my current book first!