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I found this Harry Potter fan art – I believe it’s the Marauders on their way to Hogwarts in happier times. Then below is Remus Lupin by himself on his journey to Hogwarts in “…Prisoner of Azkaban”. This image makes me understand why he was sleeping on the journey – it stopped him thinking about his friends. The only good thing is that he woke up to find himself in a carriage with his best friend’s orphaned son.

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The story of Harry Potter as seen through the eyes of Fred and George Weasley. Such a sad end.

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J.K. Rowling posted a new short story about Harry Potter as an adult this week.

To see the piece, click this link:

I have to admit that I was disappointed in it. It’s written by Rita Skeeter, and she’s a horrible character so the piece is sort of awful written from her point of view. It’s just annoying gossip.

I also feel that we don’t need more stuff about Harry Potter: she should have stopped at the end of book 7 with the epilogue telling us about Harry waving off his kids on the Hogwarts Express. That was a good ending for the series and anything else just wrecks it! It was bad enough when Rowling told readers that she regretted making Ron and Hermione get married at the end!

Stop while you’re ahead, please! Don’t ruin what was an epic series with some naff little “newspaper” article!

Ok, so I am happy that we get a little bit more information about Harry’s later years, but it doesn’t really tell us anything new. It’s all very well doing the piece to tie in with the World Cup (which I really can’t stand anyway), but I feel short-changed by it. If you’re going to release extra information, it may as well be decent, and not a cop-out article written by one of the more annoying characters in the series.

Dare I point out that I find it slightly ironic that Rowling would post such a gossipy news article which doesn’t do Harry or the others any favours, when she attacked the newspapers who were accused of phone-hacking?

What did you think of this new story?