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What if Harry hadn’t known that Slytherin was full of bad people before he got sorted, and then the Sorting Hat put him in Slytherin automatically because Harry thought they were okay and so he wasn’t thinking “not Slytherin” when the Hat was trying to sort him??

Would he have embraced being in Slytherin?

Would he still hate Drace Malfoy?

Would he be one of the Slytherins who has friends in other houses?

Would he have stayed friends with Ron? And still become friends with Hermione?

Would he have been popular because he was a Slytherin who was a Parseltongue?

Or would he have been hated by his fellow Slytherins because he defeated Voldemort as a baby?

Would he still have gone on to defeat Voldemort in the end?

It occurred to me that Professor Trelawney is the root of all evil in the Harry Potter series!

She made the prophecy which made Voldemort go after Harry’s parents.

If she hadn’t applied for the Divination job, Dumbledore, and therefore snooping Snape, wouldn’t have heard her prophecy.

Snape wouldn’t have told Voldemort about the prophecy and caused him to decide it meant Harry Potter.

Voldemort wouldn’t have killed Lily and James, and tried to kill Harry.

Voldemort wouldn’t have inadvertently turned Snape against him because he killed Lily.

Sirius would never have died in the Ministry because Harry would never have heard about it through Voldemort’s obsession with hearing it all, and wouldn’t have been tricked into going there to retrieve it.

Lily wouldn’t have died trying to save Harry, and given him the protective spell created by her sacrifice.

Harry would never have been made an orphan and forced to live with the Dursleys.

If Trelawney hadn’t made the prophecy  about the one who could defeat Voldemort, Dumbledore would never have made her a professor, and then Harry wouldn’t have heard her make the second prophecy about Wormtail returning to his master.

If Harry hadn’t heard the second prophecy, he might not have discovered the truth about Sirius and Wormtail switching places as Secret Keeper for the Potters.

….and on and on it goes!

24 – Sweetest part
In the films, it’s after Ron has left them, and Harry dances with Hermione in an attempt to cheer her up.
In the books, it’s probably when Dudley says thankyou to Harry for saving his life during the Dementor attack and says he’s doesn’t think Harry is a waste of space.


Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge (via “I didn’t put my name in that cup, I don’t want eternal glory.” on Facebook)