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I love Harry Potter and I was so excited to see that JK Rowling has written some new stuff about the Potter family tree!

I don’t go on Pottermore very much but I love getting little snippets every now and then!

I have to admit I was disappointed by the article she wrote as Rita Skeeter about Harry as a 30-something-year-old not long ago.

In this piece on the Potters, we discover who the first Potter was, why James Potter had such elderly parents and how they died, and how Harry is related to the Peverells.

If you haven’t seen it, click the link below!

The Potter Family at

The Harry Potter series has taught us many valuable life lessons, but it has also taught us a lot about books. I have found so many hilarious and appropriate GIFs which gave me the inspiration to create this post. Here are a few which are quite brilliant:

1. Reading helps you distract yourself from others doing stupid and immature things around you.

2. Books make a good weapon when you’re worried: For example, Hermione is a reader and Ron is an eater, but who has the best coping mechanism? Who will win?

3. Reading books might make you seem a bit weird, but who cares?!:

4. Reading materials are good for making a point and bringing you back down to Earth:

5. Some books might try to stop you reading them, but as if that would stop you reading:

6. Sometimes a bigger book is the way to go:

7. Reading makes you look awesome:

8. But sometimes books can be misinterpreted:

9. Never trust a book which answers back:

10. Burning books is bad but stabbing it with a Basilisk fang is an acceptable way to destroy a book:

11. Books can be enlightening:


11. Books can be the secret to your success:

12. But they can be confusing as well:

13. Nothing can stop you sneaking into a library at night:

In conclusion, Harry Potter is brilliant, books are awesome and these visual aids are great!

(I don’t apologise for being slightly obsessed with Harry Potter!)


Imagine how awful it must be for Severus Snape to have to teach Harry Potter when Harry has his mother’e eyes (Snape was in love with Lily) and looks like his dad (Snape hated James Potter).

You’re stuck looking at the beautiful eyes of your (long-dead) beloved which reside in the face of the bloke you hated most at school.

Also, how does Harry not remember Snape cradling Lily’s body after Voldemort’s attack on the Potters? He was in the same room, and you can’t really forget someone like Snape! Surely that adds to Harry’s traumatic memories?