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What I am currently reading:

“One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and also re-reading “I Heart Paris” by Lindsey Kelk.

Books I’ve finished this week:

“I Heart New York” and “I Heart Hollywood” by Lindsey Kelk.

Other bookish things:

1) I’m watching the Harry Potter films, and I’m now up to “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”! I have finally got around to ordering some new DVDs though, although none of them are book-related!

What I am currently reading:

I started “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and then started re-reading “I Heart New York” by Lindsey Kelk…. oops!

Other bookish things:

1) I went into work the other day and wondered why it smelled like freshly printed new books, and then discovered we had been given little booklets informing us about work-related issues. I love the smell of books!

2) I’m watching the Harry Potter films again! I am planning to buy some new DVDs soon though!

What I am currently reading:

“Always the Bride” by Lindsey Kelk (OK, I technically finished it last weekend, but I’m re-reading it again already!)

Bookish problem:

I went into a few bookshops this weekend and came out with nothing. I just can’t be bothered this week, hence I’m re-reading the above book. I did try to get back into reading Harry Potter in German earlier in the week but I gave up and started watching the films again! Maybe I should watch with German subtitles?

Bookish News:

Harper Lee released the new book “Go Set A Watchman” this week. I haven’t read “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, in fact, I have never read any of Lee’s books. Maybe I will one day, but it doesn’t entice me in anyway.

Other bookish things:

J.K. Rowling ended the recent online debate about tuition fees at Hogwarts but saying education was free and funded by the Ministry of Magic!