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What I have been reading:

I finished reading “The Girls from Corona Del Mar” by Rufi Thorpe yesterday, which has taken me a week to read and was quite good. It covers issues like drugs, abortion, illness, friendship, death and love.

Other bookish things:

I’m now doing My June Reading Challenge 2015 as I have several unfinished and several unread books sitting around and I want to get them read! My aims and progress so far:

  1. Finish reading at least 2 partly-read books
  2. Read at least 2 unread books (and finish them!) – 1 done!
  3. Re-read at least 1 book which I haven’t already read this year

Bookish Image of the Week:

Harry Potter in Doctor Who (via Facebook)

Oh my God! Mind blown!

Day 30: “Your favourite book of all time”

I mention it a lot, but it’s still the Harry Potter series! I read it several times a year, I watch the films quite a bit and I love Harry Potter memes! The books cover all sorts of important themes and the characters are really well written. It’s the only series that I got really excited about when each book came out, and I can still remember being in primary school when we got to listen to the teacher reading “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” for the last half hour of the school day and being sad/annoyed when the end of school bell rang!

That’s the end of my 30 Day Book Challenge! I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did!

About the Challenge:

30 Day Challenge – Books (via mylittlebookblog – click photo to visit blog)

Day 4: “Favourite book of your favourite series”

Well, although I chose Harry Potter as my favourite series, picking one of the books as my favourite is actually really hard as it is essentially one story over 7 books! I suppose I’d have to chose “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” because of all the hormones raging away among the main characters! No-one believes Harry is telling the truth about Voldemort returning, Harry is interested in girls, Ginny becomes a force to be reckoned with, the fight against Umbridge is long and hard but ultimately brilliant, and there’s that “Will they, won’t they” thing going on between Ron and Hermione! And then there’s the adventure in the Ministry of Magic!

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” by J.K. Rowling (via Goodreads)

About the Challenge:

30 Day Challenge – Books (via mylittlebookblog – click photo to visit blog)