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Today, a summer-type book quote:

” ‘There’ll be bluebells in there before long – you can see the shoots now,’ I told him.

He stood staring into the wood for a minute, then said: ‘What is it about the English countryside – why is the beauty so much more than the visual? Why does it touch one so?’

He sounded faintly sad. Perhaps he finds beauty saddening – I do myself sometimes. Once when I was quite little I asked father why this was and he explained that it was due to our knowledge of beauty’s evanescence, which reminds us that we ourselves shall die. Then he said that I was probably too young to understand him; but I understood perfectly. “


– from I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith


I have just finished reading “I Heart London” by Lindsey Kelk, the fifth book in her “I Heart” series.

“I Heart London” by Lindsey Kelk (via Goodreads)

The blurb reads:

“Angela Clark has fallen in love with New York – and it’s starting to love her back.

But when she’s summoned home to London, she’s at risk of losing her shiny new life to never-ending English rain, warm beer and bad memories. Talk about stepping back in time

There’s Mark, the ex-boyfriend – who she ran to New York to get away from.

There’s Louisa, her best friend, with her terrifying new baby.

And there’s her mum, still talking to her as though she’s fifteen.

Now there’s a wedding in the offing – and everyone remembers how well Angela behaved at the last one. . . Can the arrival of boyfriend Alex and best friend Jenny save her from a re-run of her old self?”

Angela is dragged home to England for her mother’s birthday party and finds herself face to face with her ex-fiancé Mark, trying to keep her mum from treating her a like a child again and also catching up with her old friend Louisa and her new baby.

Jenny and Alex follow her to England, and Alex is introduced to his future in-laws and wins them over. Jenny, still trying to get over her ex and decided a trip to England was what she needed, gets scarily motivated when Angela’s mum suggests that Angela and Alex get married while they’re in England and attempts to organise their wedding. However, Jenny and Louisa don’t always see eye to eye, much to Angela’s dismay as she tries to keep the peace and then puts her foot down before everything spirals totally out of control.

Angela’s ex-fiancé Mark shows up and comes on to her, mis-reading her signs as she is clearly happy with Alex now and Mark ends up facing the fists of several people.

Despite all this craziness, Angela and her friend Delia, the lovely twin sister of evil Cici who has been trying to ruin Angela’s life, are trying to launch their magazine venture in the US, the UK and France at the same time. Angela has a big presentation to do, which goes well except for a small hitch thanks to Cici’s interference which nearly costs Angela her new venture and visa. Thankfully Cici is the one who ends up at the mercy of several rather irritated women!

I like this book because it is funny, especially with Angela’s weed smoking kindly father and slightly crazy mother who actually isn’t such a huge monster as Angela makes her out to be. It’s lovely how Alex turns out to be so aware of Angela’s personality and knows what she needs to hear and so on, he really seems to be her perfect match. The drama of the wedding and the professional presentation work well within the story, and the fights between characters are quite brutal but funny. It’s good when Cici gets her comeuppance for trying to ruin Angela’s life again, and Mark gets what was coming to him for cheating on Angela.

It’s also nice to have Angela go back home so we can see what her life in England was like, and this clash of cultures is interesting, especially when Jenny and Lousia meet and clash as they’re so different despite being Angela’s best friends.

I give this book 8/10 because it’s just so much fun to read, it is relate-able, and kept me hooked all the way through!

I love this book,

I have just finished reading “I Heart Vegas” by Lindsey Kelk, the fourth in her “I Heart” series.

“I Heart Vegas” by Lindsey Kelk (via Goodreads)

The blurb reads:

“Angela Clark loves her life in New York. She loves her job, her friends and her gorgeous musician boyfriend, Alex, who is finally ready to move in with her and start planning their future together. Everything is perfect.

But, after Angela loses her job, her world starts to crumble around her – her visa is revoked and she’s given the disastrous news that she must leave New York and her life behind and go back to London.

Confused, heartbroken and desperate to stay, the last thing Angela needs is a girls’ trip to Vegas just before Christmas – especially when Manhattan at Christmas is so perfect that she never wants to go home…”

In this book we catch up with Angela, who has just moved in her boyfriend Alex and is waiting for him to come home from touring with his band. She gets a terrifying letter telling her that since she’s lost her job and therefore her sponsor for staying in the US, she has lost her visa and is being deported within the month. This book follows her attempting to stay in the place where she feels so much at home.

Her friends help her to find a way to get a visa but it turns out the only way that she could realistically stay is if she marries Alex for her visa. And she is scared to death of asking him.

To take her mind off things, Jenny and Sadie take her to Vegas to have fun before Christmas. They all visit various bars, get drunk and do stupid things, but also go shopping and explore Vegas. Predictably, Angela ends up in trouble again, especially when she finally plucks up the courage to ask Alex to marry her for a visa. Cue awkwardness between them. Then an unexpected Vegas wedding has serious implications for all involved and things suddenly get more complicated.

The Vegas trip ends with Angela being alone and unhappy, but she and her friends come up with a plan to create their own magazine and suddenly her visa problems are solved. Finally Alex comes around and everything works out well in the end with them getting engaged properly and not for a visa.

I love Angela because she just manages to stuff everything up for herself over and over again! The visa issue was bound to happen at some point but i can totally understand why she found it so difficult to ask Alex to marry her for a visa, and did everything she could to avoid that scenario. If he rejects the idea of marriage, it means her losing the man she loves and having to move back home to England.

I give this book 8/10 because it is funny and cringe-worthy at the same time. You feel empathy for the characters too, struggling to work things out. It is an easy read but is so full of drama. I read it in pretty much one sitting! Worth a read if you like this sort of thing.

Post script:

I have read several reviews for this series where people don’t like Angela and think she’s pathetic and insecure. Hey, i accept that this may not be the best of chick lit, and if i let my English student side get her way, then i probably wouldn’t have read this or i would have slated it. But because it is just a casual read for me, i have been nice about it because i actually quite like it. She’s certainly got her head screwed on more than Bella in Twilight, haha!