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I have just finished reading “Timoleon Vieta Come Home” by Dan Rhodes. It is a bit odd, but quite interesting.

Timoleon Vieta Come Home

Timoleon Vieta Come Home - Dan Rhodes (via Amazon)

We are introduced to a character called Cockcroft, a gay aging man who used to be famous for his music and has fallen out of favour with the world after saying controversial things. He lives on his own with his dog Timoleon Vieta who is his faithful companion who appeared out of the blue one day and stayed with him.

This little relationship is tested when a stranger appears and starts living with the old man, but despises the dog and how the old man treats him as an equal. The tension leads to the dog being forced out of the house and he starts his journey to try to return to his owner. Along the way, he passes through many places and we meet random characters who have their own little subtext stories, some happy, some sad. These characters seem totally unrelated to each other but they are lovely little descriptions of these characters’ lives and we learn just enough about them to be able to appreciate the little stories.

As these subtexts are happening, the main story of the old man and the stranger known only as the Bosnian is playing out, with the Bosnian disliking the dog and not being particularly fond of the old man but still using his house as a refuge from his own demons back home.

This isn’t something i would usually choose to read, but as i was given it i decided to give it a shot. It’s nice to have a book which includes so many stories alongside the main plot, and to meet such a range of characters gives a nice depth to the book. I felt sorry for many of the characters as they deal with misfortunes and the consequences of their actions but there is still an element of positivity in the story as it progresses and certainly the ending is a sort of happy one.

I give it 6/10 because it is interesting and quite well written enough to make me want to read the whole thing, but its not my favourite book or genre. A book about life, it is interesting enough, but i need a bit more action or drama as this is a little tame! I’d recommend it as an easy read, it didn’t take long to read, and as something a bit different.

Cover of "Anthropology: And a Hundred Oth...

Cover via Amazon

I have just finished reading Dan Rhodes’ “Anthropology and a hundred other stories”, a collection of 101 short stories about love, relationships, and breakups, published by Canongate.

Each story is about 120 words long, and contains a girlfriend of the narrator, and talks about their relationship, whether it is sad or happy. The girls all have unusual names, and all treat the narrator in different ways, whether nicely or badly.

Some of the stories are quite heartfelt in their description of love and heartbreak, whereas others are quite funny! They are all pretty quirky and interesting accounts of relationships.

The stories are nice to read, and i read the book slowly as i just picked a few to read every now and then. I recommend this book if you like short stories, or tales of love and heartbreak. It has something for everyone, as it has 101 stories of different relationship issues.

I give the book a 6/10 as it is an interesting selection of stories and it’s a nice simple read.

Cover of "Little Hands Clapping"

Cover of Little Hands Clapping

I have just finished “Little Hands Clapping” by Dan Rhodes, and found it to be an interesting book, covering the issues of cannibalism and suicide. I found it to be a little odd, and a bit confusing at first, as it starts with a death which is handled very matter-of-factly. Then we are introduced to a subplot telling us about beliefs and stories handed down by generations, leading to love and heartbreak.

We meet several very different characters, with bits of the story told from their point of view, and although the sections are a little confusing but later in the book they are pulled together as the characters’ stories intertwine.

The tone of the story is a little morbid, but there are some moments of happiness, which make the story less heavy.

It is a well-written book which covers some intriguing issues. It seems very original, and its not the sort of thing i would usually read but i found it gripping enough. Its a fairly easy read, and satisfying in the end when it all comes together.

I give it 7/10 as its not the best book i’ve read, but the quality is really good and it is a good read!