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30 – Which character are you most like?
Partly Hermione and partly Luna

I always saw myself as more like Hermione because I love books and so on, however I think I’m a bit like Luna too because I’m a bit more open-minded and I like a bit of weirdness!

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge (via “I didn’t put my name in that cup, I don’t want eternal glory.” on Facebook)

Back in 2012, I found this fun little game through Anakalian Whims, and I thought it would be interesting to try it again! As 2015 is now over, I have done my best to answer the questions with the best titles I could use, it is difficult though! Next time, I’ll make sure I read more books!

Using only books you have read this year (2015), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.

Describe yourself: Red Queen

How do you feel: Divergent

Describe where you currently live: Mansfield Park

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: I Heart New York

Your favorite form of transportation: The Silver Chair

Your best friend is: The Witch’s Daughter

You and your friends are: The Girls from Corona Del Mar

What is the best advice you have to give: How To Build A Girl

What’s the weather like: Wild

You fear: The Goldfinch

Thought for the day: I Heart London

How I would like to die:  The Last Battle

My soul’s present condition: Always the Bridesmaid

I first did this in 2012 , which wasn’t great as it was a year full of unusable titles!

Having seen many interesting challenges and done a few myself, I have decided to create my own for February 2015, to welcome a new year of books and to banish the winter blues!

Welcome to my Bookish Photo A Day!

Below is a list of 28 instructions, one for every day of February. You have to take a photo of each thing listed for the day and post it to your blog/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/whatever account you wish!

  1. Favourite book
  2. Random page
  3. Old book
  4. Antagonist
  5. Big book
  6. Mother character
  7. Bookshelf
  8. The hero/heroine
  9. Film adaptation
  10. Book character costume
  11. Tiny book
  12. Book-related object
  13. Spine
  14. Romance
  15. Children’s book
  16. Bookmark
  17. Chapter title
  18. Not your book
  19. Favourite cover
  20. Unread
  21. A bookshop
  22. An iconic opening line
  23. Unfinished book
  24. Non-fiction
  25. Your favourite beverage and a book
  26. A beautiful coffee-table book
  27. Illustration
  28. An alternative use for a book

Post your photos under my special hashtag #AWORphotoaday so I can see yours too!

I can’t wait to start this tomorrow!

If you struggle to think of anything, then feel free to look at my examples for inspiration!

Good luck and have fun!