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Something that bugs me about books: Irritating protagonists.

Everyone has read a book which has an irritating protagonist, surely. It is a good mark of a well-written character who may remind you of some equally irritating person you know in real life, just put down on paper. Nothing wrong with that.

However, it ruins the experience of reading a little, especially when you want to throttle them!

I’ll give you some examples:

  1. Ana, Fifty Shades of Grey – She is rather pathetic, despite being fairly intelligent. I guess she is a little less experienced in the world, especially in relationships and sex, than her peers. Suddenly, she realises that getting beaten up is OK if it’s a hot, sexy, rich man doing it in a way which is pleasurable. Until she realises just how messed up he is and how she is never going to have a normal relationship with him. She annoyed me almost as much as…
  2. Bella, the Twilight saga – This girl whines on about having to move to Forks, even though she says it was her own idea. She says she loves her dad, but refuses to call him that, opting for “Charlie” when talking to everybody but him. She complains about getting presents for her birthday and celebrating her birthday because she is getting old. There is no denying this fact of life. She is happy that vampire Edward watches her sleep at night and never leaves her alone if he can help it. She does stupid things like almost killing herself in order to see hallucinations of Edward after he leaves her. She ignores the dangers and persuades Edward to have sex with her as a human, knowing that she could easily die. She obsesses about becoming a vampire, which seems like the only way to stay with Edward forever. She really has so many flaws. She says she’s not normal, and i guess the story would be boring if she was normal, but even so, she’s still a fairly normal to other people’s eyes.
  3. Emma, from the classic Jane Austen novel, Emma. – She annoys me because she is constantly trying to match-make other people, and interferes too much. She spends too much time meddling in other’s lives that she doesn’t realise the effect she has on them. Mr Knightley even tells her off for making fun of people. For someone supposedly caring about the less well-off people, she can be really bitchy! And she is really selfish, especially when she tells Harriet to refuse the marriage proposal from the guy she loves (and ends up marrying anyway!).
  4. Valentina, from Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. – She starts out so well, being the shy and quiet girl overshadowed by her domineering twin sister Julia, who nicknames her “Mouse”. Then she wants to escape her bossy sister and be with her lover, but instead of just running away, she hatches a plan to fake her death and then run away, just to sever the bond with her sister. The flaw? Her aunt’s ghost steals her body, so she ends up stuck dead, still with her sister.

Do you agree? Is there anyone else you would like to add to this list?


I have just finished reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L.James. I bought it because everyone has been talking about it so i thought i would see what the fuss is about!

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey – E.L. James (via Amazon)

It is funny because, as i knew it was full of sex, i started it and just waited for the sex to start! At first it seems kind of sexy but then it becomes a bit more mundane and less exciting. I got annoyed with all the literary references: it seemed like the author was trying to make it seem a bit less trashy.

I wasn’t sure i liked Ana that much because she seems so pathetic through most of the novel. I can see now why its been classed as Twilight but without the paranormal and with more sex! I thought Bella in Twilight was bad but Ana is a whole lot worse! I found myself getting annoyed with her being unable to exercise any willpower, and her little alter egos get on my nerves too: i don’t see why we need to have them in there. She is a bit weird to be a 21 year old virgin and to seriously consider having a such a messed up relationship for her first attempt at a lovelife. I just felt she was being taken advantage of, and she just happily laid down and let Christian take advantage. She is a poor specimen of a woman, and certainly not a heroine. Ok, so her insecurity is real enough but for someone who is intelligent she comes across as being a bit dim. Also, her constant exclamations of “Oh my!” and so on are way too frequent and quite frankly get on my nerves!

Christian is seriously screwed up, and i can’t understand why Ana wants to be with someone like him when he likes sadomasochism and doesn’t do normal lust and love. Deranged is a good word to describe him, but the reader feels a bit sorry for him because of his difficult past. He also seems to have more money than sense: money can buy you many things but love isn’t one of them, and money doesn’t make up for being messed up.

There are some parts of the book which i found uncomfortable reading (the graphic descriptions of their sexual relationship), and a few which made me sad, but despite the fact i was glued to the book for about 3 days i still found myself wondering why i was bothering to read it, and i very nearly gave up halfway through.

I was determined to finish the book though, and i didn’t think i would want to read the next books in the trilogy, but then the ending made me want to know what happens next to the characters, which is the mark of well thought out plot! I’m not sure i will be reading the next one just yet though! However, me and my friends have had a giggle over reading it and keep quoting bits of it because it is more funny than sexy actually.

I give this book a 5/10 because despite keeping me gripped throughout and unable to stop thinking about the story (can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing!) when i wasn’t reading it, it really shares too much of a similarity to Twilight, and the erotic fiction genre isn’t something i’d usually choose. The emails they send to each other are probably the best bits! Read it if you want to see what the fuss is about, but it’s not the best book i’ve ever read! Rant over!

Note: I read this book on my Kindle, mainly because the print copies had sold out in most places!