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Book bed in Anthropologie (via the blog “Runs with Scissors in Suburbia”) -click image to access the blog.

I found this great bookish idea on a random blog post about the shop Anthropologie! Never thought of this before! I would love a bed made of books, and you wouldn’t have to get up to find a book!

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Day 26- Where you slept

My bed

My bed

Plaça De George Orwell, Barcelona Spain.
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I read an interesting article today about the advantages of writing in bed: The advantages of writing in bed – The Guardian. It describes how authors like George Orwell wrote in bed, and how the bed is the perfect place for reading and writing.

This made me think of where i like writing. The answer to this question: pretty much anywhere i get inspiration.

In the past i have had inspiration and started writing there and then, wherever i am. Of course, i don’t always have pen and paper on me, so occasionally i’ll write it as a note on my mobile phone so i don’t forget and put it down on paper as soon as i get hold of some.


  1. Bed – I too like writing in bed. It’s comfortable and relaxing for long periods of time. I tend to write in bed in the morning or in the evening…. occasionally i’ll wake up in the middle of the night and just write there and then. I also almost always read in bed!
  2. Train – A lot of my time is spent on trains so it is no surprise that i get inspiration to write while travelling, and particularly if i’m inspired by the landscape i’m travelling through, or by the music i’m listening to.
  3. A viewpoint, ie. on top of a mountain, by the seaside, etc. – Places which have a beautiful view are also great for inspiration. A lot of the time i don’t have paper with me, as it tends to be on walks, so i’ll use my mobile to write small notes for later. Or i take photographs, as i’m usually either carrying a phone/camera or paper.
You may notice that “Desk” isnt on the list: To be fair, i rarely use my desk these days, its currently covered in junk when my laptop isnt sitting on it!
As for reading, i read in bed a lot, i read on trains (not on buses/in cars as i get carsick weirdly!), and sitting outside either on the decking or on the table!
So, where do you all read and write?