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I have just finished reading “Starcrossed: Dreamless” by Josephine Angelini, the second book in her “Awakening” trilogy.

Starcrossed:Dreamless - Josephine Angelini

Starcrossed:Dreamless – Josephine Angelini (via Amazon)

The story picks up after the cliffhanger of the first book “Starcrossed” in which Helen and Lucas discover they are actually cousins (although the reader knows this isn’t true because Helen’s mother lied about it), thus ruining the blossoming romance between them.

Helen has accepted her role as the Descender – the immortal who can descend into the Underworld – and spends her sleeping hours wandering around the dangerous and deserted Underworld alone, without any of her superpowers and unable to stop herself dying each night. She spends her waking hours exhausted from her nocturnal excursions through Hell, trying to keep her mind off Lucas but struggling to forget him.

Her friends try to help her in her task to free the Scions from the Furies, but the one person who can help her is the mysterious stranger Scion who suddenly appears in the Underworld, and together they attempt to find a way to complete Helen’s task.

Other evil forces are at work, trying to help and hinder Helen in her task, creating a new set of problems on top of her existing burdens. As she gets more and more exhausted, she stops dreaming and becomes more vulnerable. She gets closer to the mysterious Scion Orion, who shares the same experiences in the Underworld, while all the while missing Lucas, who is secretly shadowing her to protect her. A sort of love triangle starts to appear with Helen’s supposedly wrong feelings for Lucas and her growing friendship with Orion.

I really hated how Helen’s mother lied about Helen and Lucas being cousins and don’t understand why no-one has twigged that she isn’t telling the truth when it’s obvious! They are clearly meant to be together! Orion is an interesting character, with his beautiful but dangerous superpowers. He is strong enough without his powers in the Underworld to protect Helen while she tries to figure out a way to complete her task. Helen feels very lonely in her task in the Underworld and Orion is friendly face who she can share this with, now that Lucas is off-limits.

The ending is really good, with a proper showdown and yet more shocking attacks and injuries which no normal person could recover from. Also, Helen’s friends really try to help her and also start learning to protect themselves with all the Scions around them. Claire and Jason’s relationship is starting to blossom, and one old friend struggles with the strangeness of Scion world which he is unwillingly sucked into, at great cost.

I give it 9/10 because it is so full of Greek mythology, amazing superpowers and fights, great characters and a great plot. The tension is built up well, and this second book in the trilogy is really stepping the story up a gear ready for whatever happens in the third book, where hopefully Helen’s mother’s lie will be found out! I had been waiting for this book to come out since i read the first one back in February and i wasn’t disappointed! Well worth reading if you liked the first book!

Note – I read this on my Kindle.