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Yesterday, I ordered some books from Amazon and they arrived today!

Special delivery

Special delivery

Now, before people start telling me I should support my local bookshops and all that, I must point out that the nearest decent bookshop is a good 15-20 minute drive away from my house and parking isn’t free, and the last few books I’ve bought have actually come from bookshops! I try to alternate between online stores and bookshops!

My main reason for buying online was needing to get some books for my mum’s birthday fairly quickly! I also have some birthday money to spend and I’ve been wanting some new books for a while!

These are the books I bought:

New books!

New books!

The top 2 are the ones I’ve bought for my mum, picked from a list she gave me. I actually want to read “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” because it is the continuation of the Millennium series by the late Stieg Larsson, although at the same time I sort of don’t want to read it in case it ruins the series! I’m not really sure what “The Silence of the Sea” is about but I may or may not read that once my mum has!

The 3 bottom ones are my choices! I like books about twins so “The Ice Twins” sounds fascinating. “The Red Queen” is one of these YA novels which is a fantasy that could be big like “The Hunger Games” or “Twilight” and sounds a bit like “Noughts and Crosses” by Malorie Blackman. “The Humans” just sounds like it could be funny and a bit weird with aliens in it.

I have no idea which book to start with but I’m looking forward to reading them!


I recently read this article on the Publishing Perspectives website called “What would happen if Amazon gave every Ebook away for free?”, and it was a thought-provoking read!

Last week, China’s answers to Amazon, Jingding and Dangdang, both gave away around 50,000 ebooks away in celebration of the upcoming World Book Day.

“The giveaway, which the ebooksellers said was being done to help promote commercial ebooks and raise reader awareness, has been criticized by publishers and authors alike. Zhao Chen, from People’s Literature Publishing House, told Beijing News that giving so many books away would “bring harm” to publishers, while Zhang Hongbo, secretary-general of the China Written Works Copyright Society, called the promotion “sloppy,” particularly if the companies had not sought permission of the publishers beforehand (a spokesperson from Dangdang would neither confirm nor deny whether the company had contacted publishers, though said the site would honor requests to stop offering a title if specific complaints were made).”

If Amazon was to do the same thing, it is suggested that people would simply download as many free ebooks to their reading devices as possible and then would be less eager to buy books either in print or ebook form.

The article closes with: “It is, if anything, likely to reinforce the idea that books should be free.

[For the whole article, see What Would Happen If Amazon Gave Every Ebook Away For Free? – Publishing Perspectives]

I think it is probably correct that people would take advantage of the offer and download as many ebooks as they could while they can. This raises a few concerns for me:

  1. I personally like free ebooks when they are on offer, and i will download the classics for free anyway as their authors are long deceased. But if i download too many, the odds are that even i won’t get through them all very quickly. It won’t stop me buying more books in the future, but in all fairness, it never feels like i actually own the ebooks, after all, Amazon could pull the plug and steal back the digital copies quite easily i’m sure.
  2. It isn’t fair to the authors who put so much hard work and time into their books, and ultimately get paid through royalties, which are non-existent for every free book that is “sold”. This makes a poor return for all that work.
  3. Similarly, it isn’t fair to the publishers who have spent a long time editing and producing the book, not to mention all the time spent working out costings and seeing if it would make money if published and the long marketing campaigns used for it.
  4. If these books were free, then people might demand that everyone else should make their books free as well. Print books would go into decline and bookshops would disappear completely from our streets.
  5. Online companies would be more popular, however they would lose out on profits if the books they “sold” were free.
  6. Sellers of reading devices and smartphones with reading apps would make a lot of money very quickly through increased sales due to demand so customers can download and read the free ebooks. We’d all be slaves to machines. Where’s the fun in that?
  7. It will be a sad day for me when all my books are only available as ebooks and end up as a list of files on my Kindle. I like having a mixture of print and ebooks, mainly for when i’m unable to charge up my Kindle or if it’s raining, or if the print book comes out first and i’m desperate to read it without waiting for the ebook! See, even though i have a Kindle and it saves physical space on my shelves, i still prefer print books!

So, there you go, my opinions and speculations on this topic. It seems horribly dystopian if you think about it!

What do you think?

I just realised i haven’t written a blog yet in March! Oops!

I haven’t been doing much, had a few days off work, then a rather busy weekend at work. Managed to round off the weekend with a much needed catch-up and chill time with some close friends in our usual hangout at a local pub. Also managed to wrangle today off work as one of my paid holiday days, of which i have rather a lot left to take and not much time to take any. So i’ve spent most of today watching a bit of TV, and jobhunting!

I haven’t been reading a lot in the last week, as i was mainly waiting for some new books to arrive in the post! I started re-reading the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time though!

It’s not like i don’t already have new books lying around though – i have books on my Kindle waiting to be read! I currently have the following as yet unread ebooks:

  • “H10N1” by M.R. Cornelius

    H10N1 - M.R. Cornelius (via Amazon)

  • “Facing the Son, A Novel of Africa” by M.L. Rudolph

    Facing the Son, A Novel of Africa - M.L. Rudolph (via Amazon)

  • “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott (i felt i should try this)

    Little Women - Louisa May Alcott (via Amazon)

  • “Ulysees” by James Joyce (i ought to read at least one of Joyce’s books!)

    Ulysses - James Joyce (via Amazon)

And then today, two of my book orders arrived:

  • “The Poison Tree” by Erin Kelly

    The Poison Tree - Erin Kelly (via Amazon)

  • “Every Other Day” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

    Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes (via Amazon)

I’m currently waiting on two more book orders to arrive:

  • “Shame” by Karin Alvtegen (i read “Missing” and thought i’d try another of her books – good translated fiction!)

    Shame - Karin Alvtegen (via Amazon)

  • “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” by Muriel Barbery (another translated book)

    The Elegance of the Hedgehog - Muriel Barbery (via Amazon)

I have a HUGE list of books which i want to read, and it’s difficult to pick out a few to buy at a time – i am trying not to spend all my wages on them! A lot of these are just random choices which i liked the sound of, but we will see! This feels like a lot of books to me, but it’s enough to keep me going through March!

I’m also still looking for publishing jobs, and i have applied for a few more! Unfortunately, i got rejected (again!) from one application after going for an interview two weeks ago. Ah well, i’ll keep trying!