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I don’t know about anyone else, but i personally find that it’s harder to make myself read a book now i have easy access to the internet, whether on my laptop or my phone.

I always loved reading since i was little, and even though i’ve gone through stages of reading lots and reading very little at all over the years, i always come back to  reading a book eventually.

However, since the Internet invaded my life and became a fact of everyday life, i find it harder to open a book and read. There are so many distractions online, from social networks and instant messaging, to addictive online games and blogs. I am easily distracted these days, as proved by my frequent bouts of procrastination when i was at university for 4 years. There were days when i knew i should have been studying, but found myself playing games into the small hours of the morning. Oops.

These days, i am working 5 days a week during the day, and as i finish about 3pm, i have a lot of free time leftover. I try to read and i try to write blog posts here, but lately i find myself playing Tetris instead, determined to beat my best time and beat other people to a higher level of skill. It’s a little bit sad!

I have a large pile of books on my shelf waiting to be read, yet sometimes i find myself scrolling through the book pages of Amazon looking for ebooks to download onto my Kindle instead of picking up a physical book! And this is the girl who said she would never accept the Kindle as book replacement!

I still like physical books, but my Kindle means i can take a dozen books on long train journeys and switch between them if i get bored of one. That said, i still find myself listening to music on trains or playing on the internet on my phone. There it is again: the Internet!

Sometimes i wonder what would happen if i got rid of my phone and my laptop (and my Kindle!), and forced myself to find other forms of entertainment. I guess i would pick up a paper book! I will always return to the physical book!


As you may or may not know, i have been away on holiday recently.

Having not been on a proper holiday for 2 whole years, it had been a long time coming, and i was determined to make the most of it! I went to Devon with a friend and spent nearly a fortnight in the hot sunshine (which was somewhat lacking in the North!).

Therefore, i wrote a bunch of posts and scheduled them to be posted each day i was away. This made up my Alphabet Author and A Book Challenge, which i started on 1st September and is due to finish on 26th September. As i was away from a computer, i thought it best to do something which didn’t involve a lot of maintenance! So, hopefully that challenge has been interesting!

As i spent a fair bit of time on the beach and had more free time in the evenings (usually after i’d eaten a huge meal and was unable to move for a few hours!), i started reading more books. I took my Kindle with me, which was great because i didn’t have to lug several books with me and i was trying to cut down my luggage (i had to carry it, and i like packing light!).

So i finished two books while i was away! My choices were both kind of supernatural:

Wild Talents Book One: The Gathering” by Scott Sherman

Wild Talents Book One: The Gathering - Scott Sherman

Wild Talents Book One: The Gathering – Scott Sherman (via Amazon)

“Vampire State of Mind” by Jane Lovering.

Vampire State of Mind - Jane Lovering

Vampire State of Mind – Jane Lovering (via Amazon)


Both are excellent reads which i really enjoyed! I won’t go into what’s so great about them here: if you want to know more, click the links for each title, and it’ll take you to my reviews!

I also spent time wandering around bookshops, and in one secondhand bookshop i found a battered copy of “When The Earth Died” by Karl Mannheim:

When the Earth Died - Karl Mannheim

When the Earth Died – Karl Mannheim

I thought it sounded interesting, so i bought it! Hopefully i’ll get around to reading it soon!

I really enjoyed my holiday, and i wish i hadn’t had to come back home to such vile wet weather up here in the North! But as the nights draw in, i can at least be happy that i can wrap myself up in my duvet and read lots of books!

I have just finished reading “The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life” by William Nicholson. I actually bought this ebook back in May and it’s taken me a while to get around to it, but now i decided that i fancied a less frantic paced book to my usual choices!

The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life - William Nicholson

The Secret Intensity of Everyday Life – William Nicholson (via Amazon)

It is somewhat different to my usual book choices, but it was easy to read and fascinating with the interconnecting stories of the characters.

The central story is of the sudden return of happily married Laura’s first love, Nick. We discover the intensity of their short relationship and its sudden ending, and see that neither party has forgotten that first love. Things are more complicated now, as Laura has grown older and has her own life with her husband and children. It is interesting to see how Nick’s return affects Laura, and also her husband, Henry.

We get an insight into Henry’s life at work and his feelings towards his wife and to the star of the show which he wrote.

We also see how Laura and Henry’s son, Jack, struggles with trying to fit in with the right boys at school, even though the decisions made are potentially damaging to him and to the boys’ hero, dubbed the “Dogman”. The boy’s point of view is a nice change from the angle of the adults, bringing in his naivety to the story.

We also discover what goes on behind closed doors. In the case of the young teacher, Alan, we discover his anguish towards the many rejections he receives because of his writing, and also his growing feelings for the single mother whose child he tries to help through bullying. We also find that Alan’s old lonely neighbour has secret desires for Alan, and she is sure he feels the same, although as the reader we unfortunately know better.

Other characters who are explored include: the single mother’s mother and her relationship with her dog, the village rector and his different approach to religion, and the so-called  “Dogman” and his little family.

I liked this book with all the facets which make up a satisfying whole. Themes covered include all kinds of love, death, grief, midlife crisis, identity, happiness, and so on.

I give this book a respectable 7 out of 10 because it is well written, with enough juicy bits to make you want to find out what happens to the characters. We get satisfactory closure on some of the characters’ stories, although a few are left unanswered. The main story with Laura and her feelings for Nick has a good ending, one which i actually hoped for because some things are better the way they are! Definitely a good read if you want something realistic and a quiet easy read.

Note: I read this on my Kindle.