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“Prison for the crime of puberty — that was how secondary school had seemed.”
― David Brin, Earth

“The jagged, saw-edge teeth of the Lunar craters stood up sharply against the light of the sun but what Olga had screamed at was the globe of the Earth, swimming there huge and green in the light from that sun embedded in the black curtain of space.

But now its greenness was tarnished. Ugly fiery streaks coursed around the globe. Dense clouds drifted around the disc, giving the whole sphere a ghastly glowing penumbra. The red cracks grew as they watched and so fiery were they that even the thick masses of cloud did not obscure their fierceness.”

When The Earth Died, by Karl Mannheim

“Beech, buche or bok, as it was called in Old High German, was the standard material for writing on. Even when wood was finally overtaken by the new-fangled invention of parchment, the Germans kept the name, and so did the English. Bok became boc became book.”

The Etymologicon, by Mark Forsyth