Random thought for the day… Harry Potter

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

I feel sorry for Sirius.

On the night when Voldemort kills Lily and James, Sirius goes to check on Wormtail as he’s the Secret Keeper but discovers he’s not there and has told Voldemort where they’re hiding.

Sirius turns up at the Potters’ ruined home and Hagrid is there picking up baby Harry from the rubble. Sirius tells Hagrid to give Harry to him as he’s his godfather but Hagrid tells him that Dumbledore ordered him to take Harry to live with the Dursleys.

Did Dumbledore ignore James and Lily’s wishes by ignoring the fact that Sirius is Harry’s godfather who was the Potters’ choice as they wanted him to look after Harry if something happened to them?

Sirius had lost two of his best friends and it was his fault for persuading Wormtail to switch places with him as the Potters’ Secret Keeper, so maybe he was trying to atone for his error by trying to look after Harry.

Sirius had also lost Wormtail as a friend because he betrayed the Potters and brought about their deaths.

Dumbledore knew he was giving Harry to a family of muggles who would never understand him, and he must have known that Lily and Petunia didn’t get on, especially after he wrote to Petunia and said she couldn’t go to Hogwarts and she clearly held a grudge about that.

Sirius might have brought Harry up properly, making sure he knew how great his parents were.


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