Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge – Day 10

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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10 – Favourite professor
Professor McGonagall

I chose McGonagall because even though she’s strict, she’s still a nice person who cares for Harry in her own way. She’s also pretty cool because she’s an Animagus and can turn into a cat. She’s hilarious when Harry gets in trouble with Umbridge who sends him to McGonagall’s office and she offers him a biscuit, and she hates Umbridge so much that she’s determined to devote her life to making sure Harry becomes an Auror, even though Umbridge insists he will never be employed by them. I also love how even though McGonagall dislikes Divination, she’s the person who goes to comfort Professor Trelawney when Umbridge tries to remove her from Hogwarts and looks after her. Harry has such a high regard for McGonagall that he protects her from the Death Eaters when they disrespect her and he even uses an Unforgiveable curse on one of them.

Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge (via “I didn’t put my name in that cup, I don’t want eternal glory.” on Facebook)


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