What I am reading:

“Reckoning (Wicca#13)” by Cate Tiernan

What I have finished reading this week:

“Eclipse (Wicca#12)” by Cate Tiernan

“Origins (Wicca#11)” by Cate Tiernan

“Seeker (Wicca#10)” by Cate Tiernan

“Strife (Wicca#9)” by Cate Tiernan

Other Bookish Things:

I found this article on Buzzfeed “Proof That “Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince” Had The Most Beautiful Cinematography” about the cinematography of the film version of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price” and it made me realise just how different this film is to the others. Looking at the stills from the film makes me appreciate the beauty of the images captured and how the tone is set in each scene. Usually, I’m too wrapped up in the story and characters to think about the cinematography of a film, but occasionally, I’ll watch a film which has more to it and is more thought about than others. Another example of a film which is like this is “Inception”, with its mind-bending visuals!

The Unbreakable Vow from “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (via Buzzfeed)


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