Weekly Bookish Round-up 31/5/15

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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What I have been reading:

I haven’t started anything new yet! And I still need to review the last 2 books I read!

Other bookish things:

I’ve just finished my 30 Day Book Challenge! It was interesting, if a little bit difficult at times! Tomorrow, I will be starting a new Reading Challenge, in a bid to get some of my unfinished books out of the way and to read a few unread ones too!

What I have been watching:

Last night (Saturday), I watched the 2005 film adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” which I have actually seen before and fancied watching again as it was on telly! I’d forgotten how much squealing is done by the Bennet sisters and how ridiculous and creepy Mr Collins is! It was still good though!

Other things (unrelated to books):

I officially have a full-time job now my contract has been confirmed! It’s not publishing-related but I’m working in customer services so it’s a good learning experience!


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