Book Review: Divergent

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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“Divergent” by Veronica Roth (via Goodreads)

I finished reading “Divergent” by Veronica Roth last weekend.

I wanted to see what the fuss is about as it has been turned into a film recently, although it didn’t really grab my attention as something I really wanted to read.

The idea of a society divided into factions is interesting because you can see how and why such factions exist and what sort of people they consist of. However, this novel seems to think people can be divided into factions based on personality traits as if they are black and white, when really there are shades of grey in everything.

The action seems to flow quite quickly but the rush doesn’t help me form an attachment to the characters and I still found myself taking a while to read the novel. The relationship between Tris and Four/Tobias seems to happen quite quickly, especially with Tris being supposedly reserved and finding it difficult to be more intimate with people when she’s not used public displays of affection and so on. It’s not really believable that she could get over 16 years of ingrained behaviour so quickly. And she manages to use her lack of emotions to beat up people when told to. She is pretty bad-ass and tough but she makes friends and enemies both in her chosen faction and others, and is unable to find a place where she feels truly at home. It just feels like she’s trying to be someone she’s not, which I suppose is the point of the novel but it just doesn’t feel right.

I can’t say it was the best book I’ve read, but it was OK. I read it while on holiday and it was an interesting read but didn’t have me hooked immediately. It feels like it could be really good, but it just isn’t explored as much as it could be. If we’re going for dystopian societies with people divided into factions, I think “The Hunger Games” wins hands down! This just isn’t as good!

I give it 6/10 because it has promise but doesn’t deliver. I’m not sure I want to read the others in the series!


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