30 Day Book Challenge – 14th May 2015

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Day 14: “Book turned movie and completely desecrated”

In all fairness, I’m never keen when they bring film adaptations of books out, especially books I love. I usually only see them if I’m really curious (Harry Potter) or I just don’t bother (The Hunger Games). I like the images I imagine inside my head, and films ruin that. There’s a few films I could mention, but most of them have grown on me!

Even though the books are fairly naff and not considered “proper literature”, I still quite liked the Twilight books! And I was reluctant to watch the films at first but my friend made me watch the first one and I wasn’t keen on it but now I’m afraid I own all the films on DVD. My biggest gripe is with “Breaking Dawn Part 2” because they added a bunch of scenes which didn’t happen in the book, where Bella and co end up having a really brutal fight with the “bad” vamps and loads of “good” vamps end up dying. I know the book ends fairly peacefully and I guess the film needed a big finish, but it kind of ruined the book! And the CGI baby is as creepy as Chuckie!

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About the Challenge:

30 Day Challenge – Books (via mylittlebookblog – click photo to visit blog)


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