What Harry Potter taught us about Books

Posted: March 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The Harry Potter series has taught us many valuable life lessons, but it has also taught us a lot about books. I have found so many hilarious and appropriate GIFs which gave me the inspiration to create this post. Here are a few which are quite brilliant:

1. Reading helps you distract yourself from others doing stupid and immature things around you.

2. Books make a good weapon when you’re worried: For example, Hermione is a reader and Ron is an eater, but who has the best coping mechanism? Who will win?

3. Reading books might make you seem a bit weird, but who cares?!:

4. Reading materials are good for making a point and bringing you back down to Earth:

5. Some books might try to stop you reading them, but as if that would stop you reading:

6. Sometimes a bigger book is the way to go:

7. Reading makes you look awesome:

8. But sometimes books can be misinterpreted:

9. Never trust a book which answers back:

10. Burning books is bad but stabbing it with a Basilisk fang is an acceptable way to destroy a book:

11. Books can be enlightening:


11. Books can be the secret to your success:

12. But they can be confusing as well:

13. Nothing can stop you sneaking into a library at night:

In conclusion, Harry Potter is brilliant, books are awesome and these visual aids are great!

(I don’t apologise for being slightly obsessed with Harry Potter!)


  1. Geoff W says:

    Never Apologize!

  2. […] What Harry Potter taught us about Books […]

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