Yesterday, I met up in town with one of my close friends, who I met during my Masters degree and with whom I share a love of books, bookish things and random things.

In the run up to this meeting, I popped into The Works to look for a present for my friend as it was her birthday recently. The Works has become my current favourite place to get some book bargains, and I spotted two cool little craft books in there which I just had to buy. It seems to have improved lately as I’ve found a few good deals in there recently! I don’t usually buy that many non-fiction books, aside from the occasional book on the English language, so this was a novelty for me! The Works is great for slightly obscure and random books on pretty much any subject!

So, the first book I bought was “Scary Cute: 25 Amigurumi Monsters to Make”:

“Scary Cute: 25 Amigurumi Monsters to Make” by Annie Obaachan (via Amazon)

This is the book I gave to my friend for her birthday! It’s full of projects to make using a type of Japanese crochet, all in the shape of cute little monsters! She loved it and wants to try out some of the projects!

I also bought another craft book for myself, “Stitch New York”:

"Stitch New York" by Lauren O'Farrell

“Stitch New York” by Lauren O’Farrell

This is a really cute little book on how to knit little projects relating to things you find, such as the Statue of Liberty (like on the cover!), hot dogs, the Empire State Building, and many other random things. I’m not that great at knitting, but I would love to try something new so this looks like fun!

I wasn’t supposed to be buying more books, but their stock is cheap enough to make it worth it! And I have the excuse of buying a present too!

So, that’s it, I’m not going to buy any more books now until I’ve read the ones I’ve already got!

  1. LJ says:

    Hey!!! 😀 Guess who haha?!

    Thanks so much again for the fantastic “Scary Cute” craft book! I will def be trying out the projects in there (as soon as I figure out how to crochet haha!) As you know I’m a big fan of The Works, particularly for craft and obscure books, although I do feel bad for spending more time in there than “traditional” book stores these days…

    Ditto for not going out to buy any more new books for the time being. I’m trying really hard… XD

    • You’re welcome! I’m going to have to try the knitting projects in the one I got! I agree with the not spending time in “proper” bookshops… but in all fairness, we usually spend ages in Waterstones when we meet up anyway!

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