Bookish Photo-a-day Challenge – Day 28 at last!

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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It’s Day 28, and the final day, of my Bookish Photo-a-day Challenge! (Click the link for more information)

28. An Alternative Use for a Book:
Alternative use for a book - "Friends.... til the end"

Alternative use for a book – “Friends…. til the end”

This is how I use my copy of “Friends…. ’til the End”! It is now the thing I rest my laptop on when I have it on my bed to stop it overheating. It’s probably not a good idea as the book is made of paper and therefore is flammable…. oops! It’s also battered to death! I’ve had the book since 2004 when I was on my first ever work experience in a bookshop (the long-deceased Ottakars) and was allowed to pick a free book as a souvenir of my time there! I chose the tie-in book for the TV series “Friends” because it had just ended and I wanted the book to remind me of it! (Now I think about it, I’ve had it for almost 11 years…. whoa!)  Don’t worry, I intend to buy myself a proper laptop rest-thingy soon!

That ends my Bookish Photo-A-Day Challenge! I probably could have come up with something more exciting for my last challenge task but never mind!

I hope you’ve enjoyed following this challenge, and maybe it has inspired you to try it yourself (if you want to do it for a month which isn’t 28 days long, then let me know and I’ll give you some extra task days!), or to come up with your own! If you want to see all of my answers for this challenge, just hit the link on the menu for “My Challenges”, and also you’ll find all my other challenges on the list too!


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