Bookish Photo-a-day Challenge – Day 1

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
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It’s Day 1 of my Bookish Photo-a-day Challenge! (Click the link for more information)

1. Favourite Book:
Randoms 2015 002

“I Capture The Castle” by Dodie Smith

There are many great books fighting to be my favourite but this has been my favourite book for the longest! I never get bored of it, and I always read it at least once a year. It explores a theme rags-to-riches, human emotions and desires, and growing up. I love it.

  1. mikeytbull says:

    …I must check this one out!

  2. […] I first started blogging I looked at other people’s blogs and noticed that Bluebookbelle had mentioned this book on two occasions and I was curious.  When I looked it up I realised it […]

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