Blue Monday Reading

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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My Monday has been a bit dull so far, although the weather has been sort of sunny and bright.

Today is called “Blue Monday” because it’s supposed to be the ultimate come-down day after the excitement of Christmas and New Year and means that you are now broke and depressed.

I’m actually feeling fairly cheerful, despite today being the first day of 2015 that I am unemployed again. I was working a temporary job leading up Christmas, which got extended into January, and unfortunately came to an end yesterday due to there being too many applicants and not enough posts to fill for a permanent staff position. It wasn’t my fault, I just got unlucky. Lots of people at work were surprised I didn’t get a job and their comments were really lovely and supportive. I’m gutted to have left such a great place and team.

I’m now looking towards the future and planning my next move. Who knows what 2015 has to offer me?!

Today has been compiled of catching up on a bit of telly, eating chocolate biscuits and looking for jobs. However, I started my day by reading a book, something which I managed to re-introduce into my mornings while I was still working (reading while eating my breakfast).

My choice is an old favourite “I Capture The Castle” by Dodie Smith. I don’t care that it’s supposed to be a YA novel because I adore this book.

“I Capture The Castle” by Dodie Smith (via Goodreads)

Even though it is quite gloomy in places, I still love this book because it is so original and full of interesting characters. I read it about once a year, and January is a good time to read it as it lifts my mood! It is one book I will always keep on my bookshelf.

I hope Blue Monday hasn’t got you down too much, and that you have found a good book to distract you!

  1. mikeytbull says:

    Yes, and it really did turn out to be a Blue Monday for me but I like your recommended read – sounds good. I always turn to Gavin Maxwell’s Ring Of Bright Water around this time. It’s a truly magical read and I will be reading it for sure. I’m feeling glum because some people I’ve been working with (who were temporary) have all gone! They were all lovely and I’ll really miss them – you could have been one of them – but I’m sure we’ll keep in touch. Time for some Maxwell!

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