Killing the English Language #1

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Every now and then, a new word or phrase will appear and continue the concerning disintegration of the English language.

The one I would like to focus on today is:

(aka “You Only Live Once”)

This is hardly an original sentiment, but I find this abbreviation to be highly annoying. The only thing that should sound like this is a Rolo, that delicious chewy chocolate (which you may or may not give your last one to someone else), or even a Polo (the mint). Now YOLO sounds like a sweet! (And not a good one.)

When I go into clothes shops, I see YOLO plastered across the front of T-shirts and on bags. It’s just another naff trend which hopefully will die out.

However, I see teenagers using it and I wonder what will become of the English language if everything slowly becomes abbreviated.

Let me say one thing though: I am all for the natural progression of the English language, but sometimes it seems like it’s going in the wrong direction.

Ok, so when I was a teenager I used text language and abbreviated words when texting or MSNing purely for speed or to save money when texting (because I had limited credit on my mobile and tried to send a message that was 3 pages long but consolidated into just a one page text message). But guess what? I GREW OUT OF IT!

I hope that these things are just passing fads and that people will soon get bored of them. After all, YOLO is short for You Only Live Once, and hopefully the word itself will only live once!

  1. Geoff W says:

    I’m with you – every time I hear it I cringe. I tell my two friends who do use it that every time they say it a baby dies. It’s just so obnoxiously inadequate.

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