What’s wrong with reading books?

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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You may be wondering “Why that title?”.

Well, if you’re like me, you’ll have had people asking you why you read a few times in your life.

You may be amused by the image below:

Image found on Facebook group “Harry Potter is our childhood” (Original source unknown)

I’m sure you can imagine being at primary school and being the quiet and shy type of child who spends more time reading than interacting with your peers. It’s all peaceful until one of those annoyingly loud and popular kids in the class comes over and starts asking why you’re so boring and why you read all the time.

Maybe you wonder why you’re not like the other kids, maybe you wish you were more popular.

Then again, sometimes books are more interesting and reliable companions than those irritating kids who still giggle at anything and aren’t as much fun as you thought.

Now I just look at those people who turn their noses up at reading books and think “you are missing out on so much”.

Pros of reading:

  • You learn about the world
  • You learn about why people behave the way they do
  • You learn how to act in different situations
  • You learn how important it is to love
  • You can find a whole new world in every book
  • You can see how different the world could be in the future if something changed drastically or even just a tiny bit
  • You find out how far you can be pushed before you snap
  • You learn how to be a better person
  • You learn useful facts
  • You learn about the past
  • You find out how people really feel inside
  • You realise that everyone has the same fears and desires underneath whatever façade they present to the world
  • A world inside a book is sometimes more interesting than real life
  • It’s a good way to pass time
  • You can share your knowledge with others
  • You can discuss books/characters/plots/quotes with others
  • You can study degrees/courses about books
  • You become literate
  • You learn good grammar and spelling
  • It gives you a good imagination
  • It helps you put pieces of a story together
  • Books can create good films/TV programmes

Cons of reading:

  • You spend less time living in the real world
  • It costs money to buy books

I think those are important to point out but I can’t think of any more cons!

There is nothing wrong with reading books!


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