Book review: Tickling The English

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to my first book review of 2014!

I have just finished reading “Tickling The English” by Dara O’Briain.

“Tickling The English” by Dara O’Briain (via Goodreads)

I enjoy Dara’s sense of humour, having watched him on TV many times. This book is an account of the progress of his tour across the UK as he tries to work out what makes the English who they are. He records memorable bits from his shows in different cities, from the stories he is told by audience members, the things he does when he’s not on stage, to the types of people in each city who turn up to his show.

He intersects these bits by adding in facts and statistics about the English and their weird characteristics, from where they rank in the world on levels of happiness as a nation, to the famous English men and women. He also adds in his opinions of the cities he visits, commenting on the nightlife, the character of place, and what he thinks of the venues he plays at.

This is an interesting book because being written by an Irishman looking at the English makes you wonder how the world outside the UK looks at us. It points out the differences between how we see ourselves and what others think of us, as well as teaching us more about the differences between different parts of our country.

It took me about a month to read as i just read bits of it here and there, but it is an enjoyable read. It’s not the best book i’ve ever read and it is always better to see a comic perform in real life but this is nice because it fills in the gaps and shows how Dara develops his tour material as he goes through different stages of his tours.

I give it 6/10 because it is interesting if you like Dara or learning about the English, or just want a light-hearted read.


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