Cover of "The Tales of Peter Rabbit (Mini...

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I have been reading Beatrix Potter’s tales recently. I own a lovely set of all her books about Peter Rabbit and the other creatures and i decided now would be a good time to re-read them for the first time since i was a child. I used to love reading them and reading them now is lovely.

Being from Cumbria, where Beatrix Potter lived and wrote her books, i have a close connection with her and her work. I visited the Beatrix Potter visitor attraction years ago, and have more recently watched the film made about her life, “Miss Potter”, which came out in 2006, which i really enjoyed.

The tales of Peter Rabbit and co are sweet little stories, and the drawings and paintings are just beautiful.

My Beatrix Potter collection!

My Beatrix Potter collection!

My set of these books were published in 1987, a year before i was born, and they are the books i’ve had for the longest time! They survived all the book culls through my life when i’ve got rid of books i’ve grown out of! How could i ever get rid of these lovely books!

Cover of "Miss Potter"

Cover of Miss Potter


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