Book Review: Is It Just Me?

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I have just finished “Is It Just Me?” by Miranda Hart.

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

I’m not usually one for reading this sort of thing but i found it on offer so thought i’d try it. I’ve only recently got into watching “Miranda” on television and got this book for a bit of light reading.

At first i found it a bit boring and long-winded because Miranda takes a long time to get to the point but i persevered with it and found myself actually enjoying it! The little stories are quite funny, especially when she describes her antics in the office and so on. I also like the way she talks to her 18-year-old self, who seems ashamed of her older self having not followed any of the dreams she had when she was young. This builds up a little bit of tension and you can tell Miranda is deliberately keeping her younger self in the dark about just how many silly things she does now.

It’s not an autobiography, but more of a manual for life (or “Miran-ual” as she calls it!) with little stories about each topic and her opinions. It’s quite funny if you get her sense of humour, and you feel embarrassed for her when you read about the ridiculous things she has done which other people don’t understand, but in reading about them, you also feel like you’re not the only one who thinks in a slightly childish way!

I give the book 7/10 because it is good for a laugh, it’s an easy read, and perfect for reading in a little bits (i used to read a few pages in the morning before work, just to get me a in a good mood!). If you like watching “Miranda” or just like Miranda Hart, then it’s worth reading.


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