Book Review: Five Children and It

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Book Reviews
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I have just finished reading “Five Children and It” by E. Nesbit. 

I haven’t read this since i was a child but as i read it, the story came back to me and i remembered how silly it is! Not in a bad way, of course!

It’s really random how the children discover the Psammead in a gravel pit and ask it for wishes everyday. The Psammead is a bit of grumpy creature and warns them about the wishes bringing trouble but they still manage to make trouble for themselves!

Thankfully the wishes only last until sunset, which helps them out of a few sticky situations but still has repercussions, some good and some bad.

My favourite is when they wish for wings and end up stuck on top of a church tower at sunset when their wings disappear. Thankfully they manage to convince people to help them and the happy outcome of this is that the children’s family servant, Martha, ends up meeting her future husband.

I like how this book covers the idea of being able to wish for anything you want and the problems with having this freedom. It’s no surprise that the children wish to be beautiful and to have lots of money, but they soon find that these traits has unfortunate consequences. The moral of the story is that having everything you want isn’t as simple or as desirable as you would think!

I give it 8/10 because it is a classic children’s story which is a fun read!


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