They found the Sand-fairy easily. Anthea said:

‘I wish we all had beautiful wings to fly with.’

The Sand-fairy blew himself out, and next moment each child felt a funny feeling, half heaviness and half lightness, on its shoulders. The Psammead put its head on one side and turned its snail’s eyes from one to the other.

‘Not so dusty,’ it said dreamily. ‘But really, Robert, you’re not quite such an angel as you look.’ Robert almost blushed.

The wings were very big, and more beautiful than you can possibly imagine – for they were soft and smooth, and every feather lay neatly in its place. And the feathers were of the most lovely mixed changing colours, like the rainbow, or iridescent glass, or the beautiful scum that sometimes floats on water that is not at all nice to drink.

Five Children and It, E. Nesbit


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