DVD Review: Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Films/DVDs, Random stuff
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I have just watched the DVD of the film version of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” (2012). 

I have read the Twilight books many times, even though they have had many mixed reviews, and it took me a while to get around to watching all the films, having disliked the first one on my initial viewing of it. However, i have got into the films  but waited ages to see the finale due to being unable to find anyone equally sad willing enough to go to the cinema to see it with me.

I was curious how the director would make the film now that Bella is a vampire. There are a lot of special effects which show Bella’s new senses and strength as a vampire, and also show the fast growth of her and Edward’s daughter Renesmee. A lot of effects are shown as Renesmee grows from a baby to a child with her face being just bit too Photoshopped! The scene were Bell and Emmett arm-wrestle is another feast of special effects where nothing looks very real!

Away from the special effects, the film stays fairly close to the book, with most of the best scenes being kept, such as Bella’s training, and Charlie being introduced to his changed daughter and his new granddaughter. I liked how extra bits were added in, such as Jacob helping the kids who transform into werewolves because of the amount of vampires appearing in the neighbourhood, and how Jacob transforms in front of Charlie to try to explain that the world isn’t as straightforward as it looks. I also like the flashbacks to the Volturi hunting those who created immortal children, including Tanya’s mother, which makes it more poignant to the feelings shown by the characters.

The obvious thing i was looking forward to is the battle between the Cullens and their friends and the Volturi. In the book it generally involves a lot of standing around and people reading each other’s minds and talking and so on. The film tweaks this part and there is a huge twist that had me shouting at the screen in horror! However, the films still ends as happily as the book does, so it hasn’t ruined it for me, but the outcome is very clever!

So, for anyone who loves Twilight, you will love the film. If you don’t like Twilight, well, never mind! It feels very final and is a good ending to the Saga, and possibly is better than the earlier films because, let’s face it, Bella as a character is better as a vampire! A big thumbs up to this film!


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