I freely admit that i am a bookworm. (Nobody seems to use this word anymore, have you noticed?)

I was in fact assigned the official award for being a “bookworm” for my Year 6 class when i was a child.

So it is no surprise that i like books, any books. Well, nearly any books.

I recently started reading Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”, which i have never read before and decided that i need to cross it off my list of classics never read.

I am about 1% of the way through, according to my Kindle, but i have now been compelled to read something else as well. What wonderful book has turned my head away from a classic Dickens, i hear you wonder.

I picked up a paperback of….. “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer.

Oh yes, i am afraid to say that i do kind of like “Twilight”. My bad.

It’s a guilty pleasure, and i do read it from time to time, usually when it pops into my head and i feel that i HAVE to read it. Ok, so it’s lower in rank than many of the contents of my bookshelves, but everyone has that one book they like to read on the sly!

That is my confession.

Which book is YOUR guilty pleasure?

  1. Geoff W says:

    I have too many guilty pleasures to admit too! You should definitely give A Tale of Two Cities another go at some point. I struggled with it, but that’s because I feel he could’ve used an editor to cut things down A LOT, but the ending was great.

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