Book Review: The Secret Garden

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Book Reviews
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I have just finished reading “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I have read this book before, i think, but have always been familiar with the story due to loving the film version when i was little.

It was nice to read the book and i felt compelled to carry on reading as i was so eager to re-live the story again! I really enjoyed reading it and still think the story is as delightful as i used to find it when i was younger.

I love the characters develop and change through the book, with Mary being such a spoiled and disagreeable child at the start of the book and then becoming less self-centred and a nicer girl by the end. Colin is also the same but probably worse as he spent so much of his life as a pampered invalid.

I love how one garden with all its emerging beauty can change two children so much, and also, in turn, it has a profound effect on Mr Craven himself, although we only discover this towards the end of the book.

The character of Dickon plays a large part in helping Mary and Colin in becoming better people, with his charming ways and down-to-earth demeanour.  He charms creatures and is followed around by them, and he knows so much about plants and animals and is such a generally nice person that it is no surprise that the two spoiled children react so well to his way of thinking and living.

It is such a lovely story of childhood, loneliness, friendship and growing up, and it is clear to see why it is such a classic children’s story. I give it 8/10 because it entices you to keep on reading and makes you appreciate little things like flowers and so on.

  1. Geoff W says:

    Now this is one that I loved to re-read! It was so whimsical and beautiful and made my year happier.

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