Book Review: The Lord of the Rings

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Book Reviews
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I have finally finished reading “The Lord of the Rings

I was given the film tie-in set of Tolkien’s epic tale back in the early Noughties, and i tried to read it but gave up partway through the second book. It’s taken me 10 years to get around to reading it again, but after being prompted to read “The Hobbit” by a friend who raved about the book and the film, i decided to give LOTR another go when i finished “The Hobbit”.

I am so glad i persevered with the set because it really is an excellent read! It’s good to read more about what happened to Bilbo, and how his heir, Frodo, came to inherit the Ring.

I love how the Fellowship comes together to take the Ring to Mordor to be destroyed and all the adventures they go through which tears them apart and throws them back together again.

I was fascinated by Gollum and how, despite being evil and desperate for the Ring, he still leads Frodo and Sam through Mordor. Their pity for the miserable creature helps them achieve their task, but at the same time makes their lives more dangerous because of his conflicted personalities.

I love the Elves and all the descriptions of these fascinating and beautiful beings who seem so wise and generous. It feels like the best place in Middle Earth is Rivendell, with the beauty of its trees and lands, and the happy elves who sing all the time.

The languages and songs through the tale are beautifully written and add further mystery and intrigue to the plot. My favourite part of the book is when Sam tells Frodo that he hopes that maybe one day people will sing a song about Frodo the nine-fingered hobbit, and then he later gets his wish, causing him to cry with joy.

It is a story of stories, with so many different characters all experiencing things at the same time, and although it takes a while to read the whole tale, it gives you the story from different points of view, and all the experiences mix together to give you a very detailed account of how the friends help destroy evil within Middle Earth and restore peace to the troubled land and bring a new king to power.

I give LOTR a big 10/10 because it is worth reading despite the length of it, and it is one of those books you have to read at least once in your life!


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