Bookish Update

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Books and their issues, Random stuff


The Lord of the Rings

I have been a little bit neglectful of my blog in recent weeks, but only because i’m stuck reading Lord of the Rings and it’s taking me ages! I’m nearly finished, just reading the last half of The Return of The King section!

I seem to constantly have a huge pile of books to read and i’m struggling to get through them all! Serves me right for constantly buying more books!

In other news, i have just booked my accommodation for the London Book Fair this year, and i am excited to be going back again in April! At least i now have 2 months to earn more money for that trip, which will also involve some sightseeing around London, hopefully some of a literary type!

I recently found this awesome website which shows all the independent bookshops in London on a map, and i hope to visit some if i can while in London!

On a more sober note, i’m still looking for a job in publishing and still getting nowhere! I’m hoping that my job situation will improve this year though!

I’m also failing in my February Classics Reading Challenge so far as i have been reading the Lord of the Rings and have not been able to start anything else! However, i will be reading one the classics as soon as i finish it this week!

Anyway, that’s enough for now!

Happy Reading!

  1. Geoff W says:

    So jealous of the London Book Fair and good luck with the job search! I’m also impressed with your LoTR follow through! I’ve got them on my list to re-read but I keep putting them off because they are a trudge, especially book two and the last part of book three.

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