Book Review: I Capture The Castle

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Book Reviews
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I have recently re-read “I Capture the Castle” by Dodie Smith, which is one of my favourites from when i was younger and is still a favourite of mine.

I Capture The Castle – Dodie Smith

The novel is the journal of Cassandra, who narrates her thoughts and the goings-on in her life in an old castle where she lives with her family.

Her family is fairly eccentric: her strange father, who wrote a unique novel several years earlier but has failed to produce anything else since; her stepmother, who is an artist who communes with nature; and her older sister Rose, who is vain and bored with living in poverty. Then there is her younger brother who goes to school, and then there’s Stephen, the handsome lad who lives with them and is in love with Cassandra.

Cassandra decides to keep a diary and write down everything properly in her bid to become a better writer. Soon, things take a turn for the better and their lives all change forever.

The rich owners of the local manor come into town and by sheer accident end up on the castle’s doorstep. The two men become friends of the family and start providing more entertainment and income for the family. Rose does her best to attract one of the men and soon is engaged to Simon, the richer brother. This union causes all sorts of new problems for the family, but also creates solutions to existing problems, and it’s fascinating to see how the plot develops.

Cassandra struggles with her developing feelings for Simon, knowing her sister just agreed to marry him as an escape from poverty, all the while trying to do what is right with Stephen’s love and devotion to her, which she doesn’t return.

The ups and downs of Cassandra and her family are really interesting to read about, and it’s still a great read even after all these years of loving it!

I give it 10/10 because i love the characters, i love the plot, and i love that it still feels fresh with each read! Worth reading!


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