Book Review: Spider – A Short Story

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Book Reviews
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I have just finished reading a short story called “Spider: A Short Story” by Richard Stephenson.

Spider: A Short Story - Richard Stephenson

Spider: A Short Story – Richard Stephenson

It is a sort of extension of another book by the author, which is called “Collapse”. This short story follows one character, a escaped convict called Spider, in the aftermath of an ashcloud killing most of a prison’s population and Spider and a few other escaping.

Spider fights with his fellow escapees and decides to try to get to Las Vegas by himself, despite having no food or drink, and being aware of the fact that he will be killed on sight if he is seen by anyone in the local town (especially as he’s wearing his bright orange convict uniform), which happens to be populated by many of the prison workers.

We not only get a glimpse into the character’s mind and find out what he is like and how he came to be in prison, but we also get the outsider’s glimpse into the world outside the prison, as seen by Zachary Cole, a prison worker. Zachary shows us what is happening in the town with the ashcloud heading towards it and causing many problems.

The ending is unfortunate for Spider, who makes several serious misjudgments!

I give this story 7/10 because it is gripping, easy to read, and makes you want to read “Collapse” to find out more of what happened and to learn more about the characters!

Note: This short story is currently only available as an ebook. (Click the book image above to be taken to Amazon)

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