Book Review: Bunny on a Bike

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Book Reviews
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I have just finished reading “Bunny on a Bike” by Bev Spicer.

Bunny on a Bike - Bev Spicer

Bunny on a Bike – Bev Spicer (via Amazon)

The product description reads as follows:

“Carol and Bev have no idea about what they want to do for a living.  They see an advert for Playboy croupiers, and, with a typical lack of forethought, decide to apply.   After parading in bikinis and completing gruelling maths tests, (with a certain amount of cheating), they get the job.  
They do four weeks training at Victor Lownes’ mansion in Tring, where there is free-flowing champagne and a well-stocked juke box.  They are commandeered to be photographed with Victor on his return from hospital, and are invited to attend one of his weekend parties, where they meet Peter Cook and Kenny Lynch (Bev has him confused with Kenny Everett!). 
They encounter unscrupulous landlords and exact a savage revenge.  They deal blackjack to all kinds of punters, fend off lecherous pit bosses and almost fall in love. They get into all kinds of trouble and come out unscathed. 
Bunny on a Bike gives the reader an amusing insight into life inside the casino and being young in 80s London.  
Along the way, Bev and Carol make us laugh with their very different attitudes to life.  One thing is sure – they will be friends forever. “

This book is a humorous memoir about Bev and Carol through the period of their lives after finishing education, and, not knowing what to do next, they apply to be Playboy croupiers. The process of their application, the training and the actual job is well written and amusing. There is a fair bit of cheating and a few cheeky moments where they manage to get away with things which they shouldn’t have done!

I was amused by the girls’ attitudes towards relationships and their boyfriends in the book, with them both seeming to string the guys along a bit but it brings some amusement anyway! I also loved the bit with the girls’ dislike for their first useless landlord who they get revenge on in the end which is really funny!

I love Bev and Carol because of their banter and bickering which only best friends can do, and they annoy each other and are mean to each other, yet they are so close that it doesn’t really matter and does no harm.

I give this book 8/10 because it is funny with their little escapades and their bitchiness, but they have their hearts in the right place and eventually they manage to work out where they are going in the future. It’s a great piece about that certain time in life when you leave education and can’t figure out the next step and just do the first thing that comes along. It’s definitely interesting finding out what goes on behind the scenes at the Playboy casino though! Worth a read if you want a laugh!

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