Alphabet Author and A Book Challenge – The End!

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Challenges
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Today is the last day of my Alphabet Author and A Book Challenge!

It has been an interesting 26 days, trying to name an author for every letter of the alphabet and then naming one of their books of interest. I have read most of the books, but a few i haven’t even heard of or considered until now!

The letters Q, X and Z were a little bit difficult and i had to do a few internet searches to find interesting authors whose names begin with those letters!

I hope you enjoyed reading the daily updates for this challenge!

You can find them all linked under the page for My Blogging Challenges, or simply search for the tag “Alphabet Author and A Book Challenge” in the box on the left of the page!

Come back soon for a new challenge!

  1. Anonymous says:

    maybe your next challenge is the title of the book beginning with the alphabet? Have you actually managed to read a book each day, or is the list made of things you’ve already read as well as ones you want to read?

    • It’s the latter. I was on holiday and wanted something to fill the gap. I was busy reading manuscripts so had no time to read the books on the list, but i have read most of them.

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