I will be doing a special hour on my blog every now and then, where i write down my thoughts on dystopian/apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic/Science-Fiction/general disaster type films and books and the topic in general!

Today’s Topic

Types of apocalyptic themes:

  • Impact event (AKA meteorite hitting Earth)
  • Nuclear warfare
  • Pandemic
  • Extraterrestrial attack (AKA alien invasion)
  • Cybernetic revolt (AKA robots/computers try to take over the world)
  • Technological singularity (AKA superhuman intelligence created through technology)
  • Dysgenics (AKA the watering down of human intelligence though future generations)
  • Divine Judgement (AKA return of Christ, etc)
  • Climate change
  • Resource depletion

…and many more!

My thought for the day:

After finishing reading “H10N1″ by M.R. Cornelius this week, which comes under the Pandemic theme, i came to the following conclusion:

You are either A) the person who pulls their weight trying to keep the world going & keeps it peaceful, or B) the person who runs around shooting anyone who gets in their way & stealing off everyone else.

Which one are you?!

Feel free to comment if you have anything to share!


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