Today marks the 15th anniversary of  the publishing of the first Harry Potter!

Harry Potter 1-7 boxset

Harry Potter 1-7 boxset (via

I remember the first time i came across Harry Potter: I was in Year 5 and about 10 years old. Our teacher had bought the first book and started reading it to us during Reading Time at the end of each school day. We were all magically silent and fascinated by the story, and i personally was impatient to read it by myself!

Funnily enough, i didn’t buy the first book for good few years: I ended up with Book 2 when i was off sick, and then started buying the rest as soon as they came out! I eventually bought Book 1 just before Book 4 came out! When my mum ordered Book 4 for me and my brother, i was so excited when it finally arrived that i couldn’t put it down all day, which wasn’t good when i was visiting my grandad and was completely distracted from what was going on around me!

The books just got better and better, and i was so sad when i went to buy my copy of the final book (a few days after it was released when the initial rush was over!).

The Harry Potter series is by far my favourite set of books, and i don’t care that my mum says i should have moved on from them by now (i’m in my 20’s!), i will always love them and never plan to get rid of my lovingly battered books! (Mum never read them, but plenty of adults have so i don’t know why i’d ever grow out of them!)

So, i will share some of my favourite things from the book series:

  1. I loved: Ron and Hermione finally get together, after all the fighting and bickering!
  2. I was pretty much in tears when: Dumbledore died and during his funeral. And when they killed off Fred!
  3. I was very moved when: Harry finally got to visit his parents’ graves. And when Dudley showed how much he appreciated Harry saving his life.
  4. Funny moment: When Dumbledore described finding the Room of Requirement full of toilets when he had “an exceptionally full bladder”. (A bit of toilet humour never goes amiss!)
  5. My highlights: Hermione slapping Malfoy!
  6. I never expected: To feel sorry for Aunt Petunia when she got rejected from Hogwarts for being a Muggle.
  7. Biggest surprise: Snape turning out to be the hero.
  8. I hated: Bellatrix Lestrange, particularly when she killed Sirius Black.

I’d like to send a big thankyou out there to J.K. Rowling for creating such a gem all those years ago!

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling ( via

What are your favourite things about the Harry Potter series?

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Bloomsbury is running a competition to celebrate 15 years of Harry Potter by finding the biggest HP fan! See the link below for more information!

  1. Geoff W says:

    I definitely agree with you about the last part of #3 – and I feel that Rowling wrote the awkward teenage boy part so perfectly! Tell your mum not to worry if you’ve only got one copy. I’m in my late 20s, and I’ve got a full British set, a full American set, two in French and one in Spanish (not including copies of the two text books and copies of the British and American Tales of Beedle!). I’m also in the process of collecting a paperback set to force my boyfriend to read (whose never read) them at some point – really they’re for me though 😀

    • Haha, brilliant! I’m happy with my mixed set of paperback and hardback Brit copies! Tempted to buy them in French or German just so i can practice my foreign language reading skills!

      • Geoff W says:

        That’s exactly what I did! I found out my French was woefully horrible and my Spanish was surprisingly better than expected 😀

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