My History with Books

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Books and their issues, Random stuff
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In this day and age, computers and the internet are king, and reading books has taken a backseat. At least, it has done in my life.

I used to spend hours and hours reading when i was a child. I gained the title of “Bookworm”, and i think everyone saw me as the quiet and shy little weirdo who sat in the corner reading books like people breathe oxygen.

Teachers told me off for only reading “Famous Five” books (which wasn’t completely true!), so i started reading more widely. I exhausted the school library, having quickly progressed through each of the reading levels set for kids at our primary school, to the point where i was reading at a higher level than the rest of my peers. And i’m not being snotty or anything, i just couldn’t help being a more advanced reader, having read constantly since i was able to hold a book. It had even got to the point where my dad wasn’t reading books to me at bedtime, i was reading them to him! By myself, i’d read late into the night, falling asleep with a book in my hand!

I also exhausted the Children’s section of our local library very quickly and moved onto the Young Adult section, although it wasn’t really a brilliant selection. I soon moved onto reading Adult books like my mum.

Then i hit my teens and secondary school, and suddenly i wasn’t so keen on reading for leisure when i had to study books. I read quicker than everyone else, and it was torture to be told in class to read a few pages, which i finished quickly and then i would sit there impatiently waiting for the rest of the class to finish! I found that as i grew more absorbed in the politics and mindgames of secondary school, i grew less enthused about reading: i didn’t need book escapism when real life was causing more trouble and occupying my mind more and more. New friendships, fall-outs and school work took over my free time, and i’d spend more evenings just numbly watching television and doing hours of homework.

Sixth form was no different, but i’d all but stopped reading by this point, except for new Harry Potter book arrivals and books for my English A level. I was more interested on my social life. I find that as my social life improves, my reading declines. I spent more time using the internet when i was given a computer to share with my sibling, and when i wasn’t online, i was out with friends, boyfriend, or working weekends and holidays.

University was difficult. I enjoyed the novelty of living away from home for the first semester, then struggled to cope after the first Christmas. I suffered from depression. I was so self-absorbed that i wasn’t even thinking about reading. Ironically i was studying English Literature as half of my degree. I spent a lot of time doing my studies and got good grades, determined that i wouldn’t waste all my time. Reading was a small thing which i didn’t do so much. As things go better, i started listening to more music, watching dvds, going out more, taking photographs of the city and exploring it. Reading slowly crept in a bit more, but mainly when i was at home, as i only took a few books to university with me. I spent hours and hours online, talking to my friends who were spread out at universities around the country, and playing online games for hours. I told myself i had too many other things to occupy my time, and that reading would have to take a back seat while i had more important things to do. I bought my whole collection of dvds while at university because they were easier to watch, and only bought study books.

When i had to move back home when i graduated in order to be able to do my Masters degree, i found i had more time to read, especially after suffering a sudden heartbreak when a relationship ended. Despite studying and working all the time, i was actually studying Publishing, so books had been there the whole time, and now i made an effort to read more. I spent more time in bookshops, thinking about books and buying books, and then started this blog, which has given me a motivation to read more.

I want to share my finds with the world, and i can never stop analysing them (a trait leftover from university) so i review the books which i read. I also make the effort to read in the mornings while i eat breakfast before i go to work, and occasionally read in the evenings, although i no longer go to sleep reading a book. So i finally found a way to keep my reading and internet use on a more level pegging. And i have a Kindle as well, which means i can access books far more easily than before.

So there you go. My history with books.

  1. Huffygirl says:

    I was a bookworm kid too, and I guess I still am. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy (bigger than an iPod, smaller than a tablet) that fits in my purse. With the Kindle app, I’m now back to reading more like I did as a child, because now I’ve always got a book in my purse. No excuses.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with yours.

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