Book Review: Little Women

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Book Reviews
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I’ve just finished reading “Little Women” by Lousia May Alcott!

Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

Little Women – Louisa May Alcott (via Amazon)

I was actually surprised that i liked it, i thought it would be another awful story about girls trying to find a husband or something, but it’s actually rather good! I was a little surprised (and a bit naïve!) because i thought it was set in England. How wrong i was! The language and descriptions felt more English than American i thought, but never mind!

Anyway, although at first i didn’t like some of the characters very much – i thought Amy was a spoilt, selfish brat! – they started to grow on me and i genuinely cared what happened to them.

I have to admit a few of the events which happened in the book were already ruined for me because i previously watched the Friends episode where Joey and Rachel discuss “Little Women” and they gave away spoilers! (For reference, it was “The One where Monica and Richard are Just Friends”) So i was obviously wanting to know how these things come about and they happen in a way which makes me feel that i didn’t really lose anything from already knowing what was coming! However, watching that did make me want to read the book anyway!

I really like how the four sisters are so different yet so close. The arguments they have don’t last very long and they all really care about each other. When sickness and death happens, the characters all have their own ways of coping with the tragedy, and it’s lovely to see how they make sure no-one will forget the one who was lost. I really hate it when a key character is killed off!

Jo became my favourite sister, because she is the tomboyish one, who loves adventures and writing. She was determined that she wouldn’t marry or anything but i had a feeling that maybe that wouldn’t last! Her story is more interesting than the others, as she goes through more trials and tribulations than anyone else, and struggles to find her place in the world. Her happy ending is as pleasant as you would hope.

I give this book a great 9/10 because it’s really well written and keeps you reading on to find out what happens next! I’m really glad i read this book, and wish i’d read it sooner, but i’ll definitely be reading it again! Possibly my new favourite classic!

  1. Beckie says:

    When I read this I really didn’t enjoy it, but I do agree that it sounds like it’s set in England! Meg was my favourite sister I think, but I couldn’t stand Jo! They all have their faults though, but they are counteracted by their good traits.

    • Meg was interesting until she got married and i kind of lost interest in her! I liked Jo because she felt more like the underdog, so i was fascinated by her life.

  2. Great post! I loved Jo too (:

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